Welcome to the newly refurbished Tübingen Public Library. As a part of the renovation, the approximately 500 m2 space was completely transformed and modernized with state-of-the-art lighting technology. The outcome is an innovative library encouraging people to read, browse, and borrow. Notably, this refurbishment project allowed us to leverage our interior and exterior lighting expertise, showcasing solutions from the TRILUX and Oktalite portfolios. 

Core task: bookshelves and reading tables  

The municipal library offers an extensive collection of approximately 150,000 media and serves around 1,000 daily visitors. In addition to traditional bookshelves, the library boasts a designated reading area with tables and a comfortable lounge corner. Our commitment to providing exceptional lighting solutions is evident throughout the library, with tailored solutions in place. 

The stylish E-Line Next LED system in black is at the heart of our lighting design. This strip light guarantees well-illuminated bookshelves and provides optimal reading lighting in the reading and workspace areas, meeting UGR19 and CRI 80 standards. 

In a class of its own: the lounge area 

In the communal spaces, we needed luminaires that could also contribute to the overall design through the interplay of light and design. In this context, two solutions from our Oktalite Retail range proved particularly effective. In various suspended lengths, the Much Moon pendant luminaire was chosen alongside the B.VEO TRACK spotlight. The combination of these luminaires creates a welcoming lounge ambiance that stands out both aesthetically and functionally from the rest of the library area. 

Holistic: exterior and entrance area

As a comprehensive one-stop service provider, our scheme extended to include the exterior façade lighting. Positioned on either side of the entrance door, two Skeo Q wall luminaires cast an attractive and scenic glow upon the façade. Complementing this, a touch of light art welcomes visitors to the vestibule. Our Finea light channel, arranged in the striking "Mikado" configuration, not only delivers exceptional illumination but also serves as a contemporary and bold expression of quality and creativity.

Smart: Lighting management for more sustainability 

Moreover, the new lighting system contributes significantly to sustainability We networked all luminaires and integrated sensors for light management to reduce energy costs. This approach enables the library to use the large windows and available natural daylight optimally. In summary, the refurbished Tübingen Public Library sets new benchmarks in lighting quality, ambiance, and sustainability - elevating the library visit into an exceptionally appealing experience.