Arnsberg / Henstedt-Ulzburg, January 2022 - REWE Markt GmbH is setting new standards in sustainable logistics with the construction of its 85,000 square metre Central Warehouse North. The plan is for the building to be certified Gold under the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB). An important component: the lighting.

As a framework contract partner of the REWE Group, the ROMBERG Group is responsible for consulting, conception, planning, and implementation of the logistics hub’s complete LED lighting - and relies on customised solutions from TRILUX, the German market leader for technical lighting. Across all logistics areas, 20 km of E-Line NEXT LED continuous rows provide tailor-made, high-quality, and energy-efficient LED lighting. The groundbreaking ceremony took place in spring 2020, with completion scheduled for mid-2022.

Conveniently located on the A7 motorway, perfectly integrated into the region, and with an exemplary building concept in terms of energy, the new REWE Central Warehouse North in Henstedt-Ulzburg is part of REWE's sustainability strategy, leading the way to green logistics. The 85,000 square metre complex includes a logistics and administration centre, multi-storey car park, and outdoor areas. The overall sustainable building concept scores highly for its self-generated electricity through photovoltaics, combined heat, power and cooling (CHP) from a combined heat and power plant (CHP),and low power energy-efficient LED lighting.

All in all, they are working towards one goal: a GOLD standard certification according to the guidelines of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB). "Short transport routes, perfectly coordinated spaces and processes, and a highly efficient building, make the new logistics location a showcase project in terms of sustainability," is how Jochen Vogel, CEO of REWE Region North, sums it up.

The regional warehouse supplies REWE food stores in Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein with fruit, vegetables, chilled goods, meat, dry, frozen, medical and non-food produce.

Different logistics areas: one continuous-row lighting system

As a framework contract partner of the REWE GROUP, the ROMBERG Group is responsible for consulting, conception, planning, and implementing the logistic centre’sLED lighting. The challenge: to illuminate the various logistics areas, which haveceiling heights between five and 32 metres and operate in temperatures ranging from -24°C to + 26°C, with precision. The lighting solution of choice: E-Line NEXT LED from TRILUX. The continuous row can be flexibly adapted to each application regarding lighting technology, protection, and mounting type - all with an efficiency of up to 190 lm/W while providing high-quality and sustainable light.

A total of 20 km of E-Line NEXT LED is installed in continuous rows throughout the logistics area. To date, 50 percent of the LED luminaires have been installed. Each area has its own customised version. In the refrigerated warehouses, E-Line NEXT LED protected to IP64 is used. In the other zones the IP20 version has been selected. Customised lighting technology ensures perfect lighting everywhere, for example, in the 32metre high halls the E-Line NEXT LED with deep-beam optics and approx. 8,000 lumens is the ideal solution. To increase the overall energy efficiency of the lighting, the luminaires are networked and combined with sensorsfor presence detection. "Each continuous row segment is self-sufficient and controls and monitors itself," explains Detlef Iseken, from the ROMBERG Group, who is responsible for the project.

Holistic project, sustainable implementation

The E-Line NEXT LED installation is complemented by 500 Oleveon Fit LED moisture-proof luminaires in the logistics areas and intralogistics areas, specialist areas, and the loading bay.

TRILUX lighting solutions have also been used in other areas of the building, including a total of 2,000 Siella LED recessed ceiling luminaires in the offices, and conference rooms, 136 Mondia wall-mounted and surface-mounted luminaires in corridors, ancillary spaces, and recreation rooms, and 300 Sonnos LED downlights for the staircases and WCs. In addition, the car park will be equipped with a further 152 Oleveon Fit LED moisture-proof luminaires.

Despite the enormous scope of the project, there was a tight schedule to meet, in which all trades had to be aligned to ensure a smooth process.

"The TRILUX LED Shuttle is a helpful tool, particularly in large-scale projects. It speeds up the process considerably and at the same time greatly reduces the amount of waste," explains Nicolas Kraft, Head of Key Account Management at TRILUX.

Instead of shipping the E-Line NEXT LED modules individually packaged or as a project bundle on pallets, the luminaires are explicitly preassembled for the project in a five-metre long transport system with wheels - and delivered to the construction site, almost without any packaging, by truck.

"This not only significantly simplifies unpacking and reloading onto the working platforms, but also saves enormous amounts of packaging waste," Detlef Iseken confirms.

So here, too, the company is acting in the spirit of sustainability.

The new site is scheduled to open in mid-2022. "We are pleased to be able to make a significant contribution to REWE's sustainability strategy and the Group's Green Building concept with our energy-efficient LED solutions," Nicolas Kraft is pleased to say.