Madrid, July 2023 – In July of this year, the highly anticipated “Fashion Observatory Spain” event took place, focusing on the future of the retail industry. The event, organized by Modaes, one of Spain’s leading media agencies, was held at the prestigious Alma Sensai club in Madrid. TRILUX as the expert brand for light in the retail sector, participated as an exclusive sponsor.

Against the backdrop of the inspiring and cosmopolitan Alma Sensai Club, the Fashion Observatory brought together distinguished executives from renowned companies, including Tendam, Bestseller, Awwg, Scalpers, Silbon, Culdesac, Master Makers, and El Ganso. These industry leaders engaged in insightful discussions on the latest point-of-sale trends and the evolving consumer demand for in-person shopping experiences. Notably, participants emphasized the indispensable role of physical stores in enhancing the overall shopping journey. Carlos Galluzzo, Silbon's Brand Manager, pointed out, "We sell online most, if there is also a retail shop."

As a supporter of the fashion and retail industry, TRILUX reaffirmed its commitment through its collaboration with Modaes. With over 111 years of experience in providing professional lighting solutions for diverse applications, including industry, office spaces and retail, TRILUX possesses incomparable expertise in creating compelling and captivating environments in physical stores. Lighting, as a key element of sensory marketing, plays a key role in attracting consumers and offers them an unforgettable shopping experience.

TRILUX understands the importance of creating attractive and captivating environments in physical stores to attract consumers and offer them a unique shopping experience through lighting - a key element of sensory marketing. In the fashion sector, LED solutions stand out particularly with their colour reproduction, which ensures optimal colour and material recognition. In addition to colour reproduction, beam angles and light output packages also enable individual product illumination.

Following the shift towards online shopping during the Covid-19 pandemic, physical retail experiences a revitalization, emerging from post-pandemic restrictions with renewed significance. The latest edition of the “Fashion Observatory” underscored the new configuration of physical spaces in response to the changing retail landscape. The motto also got to the heart of the matter: “The store is dead, long live the store. – Keys to the future of retail.”

Juan Puente, Retail Director at TRILUX Spain, shared his thoughts on the event: "As a leading provider of lighting solutions, we believe that lighting plays a key role in creating an attractive shopping environment. This event gives us the opportunity to meet industry professionals and share our knowledge and experience in the field of store lighting.”

The “Fashion Observatory” provided a platform for attendees to exchange ideas and insights into the latest retail trends, while exploring strategies to adapt to evolving consumer demands. Central to the discussions was the significance of the physical store experience and how brands can harness this aspect to drive sales and foster customer loyalty. The commitment to omnichannel retailing emerged as a prevailing trend, prompting stores to transform into logistics hubs for online orders, necessitating a reconsideration of often-neglected spaces like the warehouse.

With an outstanding track record in designing and implementing tailor-made lighting solutions, TRILUX stands as a strategic ally for the fashion and retail industry. The company is committed to providing innovative solutions that help to improve the shopping experience and accentuate the product quality and aesthetics. Through Human Centric Lighting TRILUX promotes well-being for both - customers and employees - by optimizing light quality with maximal energy efficiency.