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Modern lighting improves teaching and learning conditions

Teaching methods, teaching media and in fact complete schoolday activities have strongly developed in past decades. It's high time that lighting is updated as well! The reason for this is that modern lighting solutions significantly support pedagogical concepts. 

The positive impact of the right light on the ability to concentrate, well-being and safety was scientifically verified several years ago. TRILUX enables you to make the most of these chances in a simple way and according to your needs. 

Stay flexible

Thinking holistically

Protecting resources

Precise light management

Simplicity itself with LiveLink

The sun progresses around the school building, a lesson is dropped or a presentation requires specific light. The LiveLink light management system adapts to the specific situation automatically or at the press of a button. Planning, installation and start-up are just as simple as control.

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Light for good learning conditions

Human Centric Lighting for educational areas

Modern Human Centric Lighting (HCL) systems in training and educational facilities are capable of dynamically modifying both the light intensity and light colour. They create lighting scenes specifically adapted to a variety of needs. As a result, lighting can improve the balance between activation and relaxation and simulate the natural course of daylight.

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Energy efficiency

in the area of education

Contemporary lighting in educational establishments focuses on the diverse needs of pupils, students and teachers. TRILUX offers ideal solutions for the complete spectrum of educational applications. TRILUX LED luminaires are also top from an operational point of view. They protect both budget and the environment with low power consumption and low maintenance costs. The additional use of light management systems achieves further savings potential.

Energy consumption in kWh per annum


The TRILUX Akademie is the qualification partner for everyone professionally concerned with light. Fundamental lighting expertise is communicated using various training formats.

18. May 2021

HCL 2.0 - lighting to support circadian rhythms (AM) (WEUK0702)


22. June 2021

New guidelines and regulations for lighting design (AM) (WEUK0109)


20. July 2021

Smart solutions - intelligence beyond lighting (AM) (WEUK0603)


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TRILUX supports you with the implementation of future-orientated lighting solutions

With a wide service and product portfolio, these range from auditing the existing lighting on location and designing the new system to financing, installation, maintenance and operating services.

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