Light around the building

More attractiveness, more safety, more orientation

An expanded field for lighting design around the building opens up between interior and exterior spaces: from the façade to entrances, accesses, paths and facilities to parking lots. TRILUX offers lighting solutions from a single source: attractive, safe, gentle on the environment and resources. Benefit from the advantages of a TRILUX lighting solution: Lighting lifts buildings out of the urban context, makes them attractive and distinctive. It supports users in orientation and creates a safe environment with quality of stay - and all this is as economical as it is efficient.

From the field

planning tips for light around buildings

Façade lighting: Contrast or harmony

Hard light emphasizes the structures of a facade, soft light softens them - depending on the desired appearance. Wall luminaires such as Skeo Q LED from TRILUX can do both: the clear disc creates sharp approaches and strong contrasts, while the frosted disc creates harmonious transitions through soft approaches.

Façade lighting: Grazing light for depth effect

Grazing light along a facade makes structures visible and enhances the three-dimensional effect. Recessed floor luminaires are suitable for this effect. The power and size required depends on the building height and the desired strength of the effect. Here, too, the character of the light can be modulated between hard and soft using clear or frosted glass. Other areas, such as entrances, should be left out to avoid dazzling passers-by.

Paving the floor - but the right way

TRILUX recessed floor luminaires such as Lutera LED are robust and waterproof. To ensure that this remains the case in the long term, care is required during installation. If the paving stones "work", flush installation in paved areas protects against damage. In green areas, installation in pedestals or landings protects against damage, e.g. from lawn mowers.

Wall mounting or installation?

Flush-mounting path luminaires in a wall is an elegant solution, but requires some effort during installation. Invego LED surface-mounted luminaires are less complicated and more economical to install - and so flat that they offer an aesthetically equivalent alternative in many cases. Recessed housings as accessories also allow flush mounting if required. The very good colour rendering (Ra>90) corresponds to TRILUX interior luminaires, perfect for holistic lighting concepts.

Use outdoor spotlights optimally

Narrow distribution outdoor luminaires such as Faciella LED can be used to emphasize facade details such as figures, clocks or gables. Medium-width light distributions are suitable for illuminating trees or objects in open spaces with three luminaires offset by 120° all around. Place Faciella LED spotlights on concrete bases in lawns or on walls - this way you avoid damage, e.g. by lawn mowers.

Smart light with additional functions

Modular luminaires such as ConStela LED can offer enhanced functions through smart modules: e.g. more safety in the building environment through camera modules or connectivity through WLAN. Gobo spotlights project individual, attention-grabbing messages such as logos, symbols or lettering onto the floor or building façade.

Lighting parking areas in an insect-friendly way

As much light as necessary, as little light as possible: You can fulfill this nature-friendly maxim for parking lot lighting, for example, with Lumega IQ N LED in conjunction with our LiveLink Outdoor as a light management system. Motion sensors detect activity in the parking lot and regulate the illuminance accordingly.

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Plan spacing for path lights

Logically, the greater the distances between the light points of a path lighting system, the more economical. With the modular 8841 LED system, distances of up to 14 meters between bollard luminaires are possible. Short bollards as well as wall luminaires in a uniform design extend the design scope.

Reference projects for light around buildings

Light from a single source

with TRILUX as a partner

Simplify : TRILUX is your contact for the entire project - inside and out.

Lighting concept and planning fit together and ensure a harmonious overall picture

Consistent lighting and control technology enables individual and functional solutions

Lighting management from a single source

The advantage through TRILUX LiveLink: One platform for indoors and outdoors

  1. The advantage through TRILUX LiveLink: One platform for indoors and outdoors

  1. LiveLink Outdoor controls outdoor luminaires individually or in groups, depending on sensor signals, energy consumption, timers or calendars

  1. A sustainable solution: reduce energy costs, increase comfort for users and operators, protect the environment and resources

  1. Future-proof through the dynamic balance between nature conservation and safety and well-being for people

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