Can the right lighting give DIY interiors a distinctive showroom feel? At the Leroy Merlin Strefa Wnętrz store, this goal has been achieved. The modernization of the facility also brought additional benefits - in addition to energy efficiency, the place became more friendly for customers and employees. This refurbishment project underscores the out-of-the-box approach of TRILUX experts in this type of project.

The Leroy Merlin Strefa Wnętrz store was established in 2010. At that time, lighting design was fundamentally different from the present day, so the fixtures used there were significantly different from today's standards and norms. Modernization of this facility was inevitable. As Karol Czich, on behalf of Leroy Merlin, and Pawel Boryś, Business Development Manager at TRILUX, unanimously present it, "the first stage in this implementation was to perform a site visit to verify the existing arrangement, along with the creation of photo documentation. The scope included both the interior space and the area outside the facility.

The next stage included design work related not only to the selection and placement of luminaires, or the making of intensity calculations, but also the design of the control system with the division into circuits for each group of luminaires. The final stage was the programming, configuration and commissioning of the control system in accordance with the Investor's guidelines."

This facility is significantly different from other stores of the Leroy Merlin chain - you will find it full of ready-made arrangements and solutions for the home. Therefore, one of the main goals of this realization was to select an appropriate lighting solution to give the interior the character of a showroom and properly expose selected product groups. The project mainly used the E-Line Next LED continuous line system, which, thanks to the possibility of individual configuration and the subsequent possible need to expand and reconfigure the system under a new interior design, is the ideal answer to the customer's needs.

The biggest challenge for the design team turned out to be the GRID's aluminum structure with more than 720 light elements, for which a new, compatible and energy-efficient solution had to be found. Existing light modules on T5 sources were replaced with fully customized luminaires with special microprismatic shades. In addition, the GRID design was complemented by JUNO projectors with a visible, free-form drop-shaped lens. "A significant factor that led us to choose JUNO luminaires was the innovative range and shape of the light point. The unique shape of the lens allowed us to evenly flood the merchandise escrow with light while avoiding excessive illumination of traffic routes. As a result, the customer draws all his attention to the assortment on display"- emphasizes Karol Czich.

Complementing the overall lighting concept in the Leroy Merlin Strefa Wnętrz store are LIMBA and TUGRA luminaires, which adequately illuminated the green islands of plants and raised the aesthetic value of the entire interior. The solutions used, combined with the LiveLink intelligent lighting management system, have achieved the intended goals. "During the modernization of the facility, we set ourselves and the contractor many goals to achieve. Starting with aspects related to the reduction of energy costs or CO2 emissions, through the improvement of visual aspects to the intelligent management of the lighting infrastructure. Each of these goals was achieved to the highest possible level."- concludes Karol Czich on behalf of Leroy Merlin.

"What gives us the greatest joy is the fact that we have met the Investor's expectations, thus gaining their trust and partnership in developing our common business objectives." - adds Paweł Boryś, Business Development Manager at TRILUX.