Enhancing Sustainability and the Shopping Experience: The hypermarket chain Lulu calls on our retail expertise to light its new branch in the ultra-modern Dubai Shopping Mall.

The Lulu Group International is one of the largest retail chains in Asia and the biggest in the Middle East, with 259 outlets in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries and worldwide. In addition to Lulu Hypermarket, the group operates 13 malls in the GCC and five in India. The company has just opened a 6,700 m2 hypermarket in the Dubai Mall - one of the world’s largest and most exclusive shopping centers with over 1,200 shops, the Dubai Aquarium and underwater zoo, VR park and ice skating rink, and many other attractions. The demands on lighting quality and design were correspondingly high, as were the sustainability and cost efficiency of the lighting. One of the key reasons TRILUX secured the Lulu Dubai Mall project was Lulu's requirement for increased lumen per square meter in the store, a challenging specification given the mall's high ceilings. However, our advanced TRILUX luminaires successfully met this requirement, showcasing our capability to tailor solutions in complex environments.

Lighting concept for a shopping temple

In Lulu's flagship store, we've crafted a lighting environment that blends sustainability with visual harmony. The foundation is laid by E-Line Next LED continuous line luminaires, known for their sleek design and uniform light spread. Kalo Plus track lights add a layer of versatile, understated illumination, while B.Veo track brings innovation and efficiency to the forefront, ensuring every space is bathed in high-quality light. Quira spotlights are strategically placed for focused lighting, improving visual comfort in key areas. The ensemble is completed by Canilo spotlights, which introduce elegance and a welcoming atmosphere with their concentrated beams. This curated mix achieves a seamless blend of sustainability, uniformity, and optimal color rendering, setting a new benchmark for lighting excellence.

Over two decades of partnership

The project in Dubai is neither a coincidence nor an isolated case. We have been a proud lighting partner of the Lulu Group for more than twenty years and have completed numerous projects in Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Malaysia. Always with a customized lighting concept perfectly adapted to the individual architecture and product range, always setting benchmarks in sustainability, light quality, and design. And because the company has been expanding for years, we are looking forward to many more exciting retail concepts and projects with them.