ViaCon LED

an intelligent future-proof luminaire

The challenge

Those investing in top-modern outdoor lighting today may be surprised tomorrow with the next generation of luminaires. This problem is slowing down the complete transformation of urban outdoor lighting to energy-efficient LED technology. Many conventional linear luminaires are still in operation, but upgrading to LED offers enormous technological possibilities and energy savings potential of more than 50%. Furthermore, intelligent LED light with its extensive networking options enables many Smart City applications for tomorrow's towns and cities.

The solution

TRILUX ViaCon LED is an energy-efficient outdoor lighting solution with a revolutionary simple modular concept. Numerous beam angles and diverse mounting options are available, ranging from traditional post-top brackets to catenary luminaires. The luminaire is also available with various intelligent module variants, ranging from a basic version to versions with almost limitless networking and control options. For maximum future safety, the ViaCon LED as “Smart Lighting Ready” version can be simply and quickly modified or upgraded via plug & play.

Viacon LED

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A modular system for maximum flexibility

The ViaCon LED can be simply combined in a modular way. E.g., the luminaire is available with more than 25 different beam angles and can be equipped with three different intelligent modules. This means the ViaCon LED can provide optimised lighting conditions everywhere.

Various mounting options

The ViaCon LED has a very wide application spectrum thanks to diverse mounting options. In addition to the bracket-mounting and post-top version, ViaCon LED is also available as a catenary luminaire with through-wiring.

Three module versions - a thousand possibilities

The ViaCon LED is available with three intelligent modules at differing expansion levels – ranging from the basic version to the premium version with light management system. The basic version already provides extensive control options, e.g. self-regulating power reduction by 50%. The Basic-Switch version enables three luminous flux settings with a switch outside the luminaire, e.g. high lumen levels for main roads and lower luminous flux levels for minor ancillary roads. Maximum possibilities and future compatibility is provided by the Smart Lighting Ready (SLR) module which enables the integration of almost all feasible Smart City applications and functions via a plug & play, such as setting luminous flux and dimming profiles via Bluetooth and complete light management Systems.

Future-proof replacement of components

The low-cost, energy-efficient LED basic versions offer enormous potential for cost savings. The “Smart Lighting Ready” version additionally provides security for any future eventualities: if requirements or the financial budget change, the “Smart Lighting Ready” ViaCon LED can be simply adapted. Thanks to its modular design, modifying or upgrading can be carried out with minimal effort via plug & play.

High output, high efficiency and wide spacings

With an energy efficiency of up to 140 lm/W, the ViaCon LED is pioneering. Equipped with high lumen levels, wide mounting spacings of up to 60 metres can be implemented. This is a real cost advantage especially on new projects.

Extensive TRILUX service

TRILUX supports customers in an extensive way with their lighting design. E.g., customers can have the optimum lens or ideal luminous flux for their luminaires estimated free of charge. TRILUX also provides various guarantee services.

A range of mounting options

The ViaCon LED offers various mounting options. In addition to classic bracket-mounting and post-top versions, a catenary version with through-wiring is also available.

High energy efficiency

With up to 140 lm/W, the ViaCon LED is especially energy-efficient. If the ViaCon is equipped with high lumen levels, wide mounting spacings can be achieved when planning new systems – this also benefits energy efficiency.

MLTIQ – illuminating more intelligently outdoors

Special requirements demand special lighting solutions. With MLT (Multi-Lens Technology) lenses developed by TRILUX we create more flexibility and enable luminaires to be individually adapted to the customer-specific lighting task.

Technical information

Reference Values  
Luminaire luminous flux: 1.100 lm – 8.200 lm  
Connected load/efficiency: Up to 135 lm/W  
Service life: 100.000 h  
Colour rendering/colour temperature: 740  
Electrical version: ETDD, optional light management  
Protection rating/safety class: IP66 SKII
Light distribution: Asymmetric wide distribution  

ViaCon LED
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