When auto fans mention a trident, enthusiasm knows no bounds – the brand of Maserati unmistakably brings together sportiness, style and exclusivity. 

To ideally highlight these factors in the showroom of the Maserati Aumatt Garage, the decision was taken for a new lighting solution from TRILUX during upgrading of the building. In the new building construction of Citroën Garage Grosspeter Automobiles SA nearby, LED lighting from TRILUX also makes sure that the stylish French cars are shown to their best.

Those interested in Maseratis place high importance on design and quality. "Our customers also expect an attractive and high quality ambience," explained Thomas Tschopp, Managing Director of the Maserati and Citroën outlets. The right lighting solution significantly contributes to this impression. Downlights as well as pan-and-tilt recessed directional spots confidently display the elegant Italian vehicles, and modern fluorescent lamps provide supplementary lighting levels in the background.

"This way we achieve an attractive impression of light that places these top-quality vehicles in their suitable, premium surroundings," stated Markus Elmer, Executive Director of TRILUX Switzerland.  The decision for TRILUX LED solutions was not only taken for refurbishing the lighting systems; in the newly constructed Citroen garage situated adjacently, highly durable and energy-efficient lighting was also specified.

TRILUX Belviso LED luminaires were selected as these ideally complement the linear architecture of the building featuring high glass fronts. The luminaires were suspended in the high space of the exhibition area to bathe the vehicles in pleasantly uniform, glare-free light from a height of six metres. "The light has a really natural appearance and displays the colours of the cars with high colour fidelity," said Thomas Tschopp. The dimmable LED lighting solution can be centrally controlled.

Mr. Tschopp sees how closely the LED lighting approximates daylight especially in the evening hours. "If you go past the garage at night it looks as if daylight is in the building, although the night lighting has been switched on." With opening hours of around 12 hours each day and continuous illumination during the night, the LED lighting solution is able to completely exploit its strengths – durability, energy-efficiency and almost no maintenance, in turn providing impressive economic performance.

Compared to conventional lighting systems, it saves up to 60% in energy overheads. The project was carried out completely according to the TRILUX brand message of "Simplify Your Light" – with planning, installation and operation, the custom-designed lighting solutions in the garages were implemented in a highly user-friendly way.

In short

  1. Building
    Maserati Aumatt Garage - Reinach, Switzerland
    Citroën Garage Grosspeter Auotmobiles SA
  2. Construction project
    Refurbishment (Maserati Aumatt Garage)
    New building (Citroën Garage Grosspeter Automobiles SA)
  3. Lighting systems
    Showroom Maserati:Inperla LED-downlighst/Stratus LED recessed directional spotlights
    Showroom Citroën:Belviso LED/Inperla LED-downlights/Light management system