This is made possible through closer collaboration with its parent company TRILUX. Heino Lustfeld, proprietor of the E-Center Lustfeld in Nienburg, is one of the first to benefit from these synergies.

His supermarket opened in October 2013. “Obtaining energy-efficient solutions for all areas from a single source was a key criterion for us,” explains Lustfeld. Oktalite designed the light scheme not only for the 3,000 square meters of sales space, but also for all secondary areas such as offices, refrigerators and storage areas, and parking facilities.

The lighting experts deployed advanced LED technology in order to achieve a high efficiency. All luminaires utilise this highly efficient technology with a power consumption of 7.4 watts per square meter. The latest products are used in the sales areas, which, together with energy-efficient light planning by Oktalite, leads to illumination that is as attractive as it is economical.

Whether fresh-foods counters, special offerings, aisle lighting, illumination of displays above the shelves or parking illumination, specifically matched LED luminaires are used in every area meet different requirements with respect to light colour, colour rendering index and beam angle, in order to produce the desired result. For instance, the luminaires in the fresh-food counter area authentically reproduce the colours of meat, red and white and as their light has no UV or IR components, they are especially gentle on merchandise.

Parking facilities have other requirements: here, mast-mounted luminaires generate an illuminance of 14 lux, thus providing security during the dark hours. “I'm extremely pleased with the result,” says Lustfeld. “The high energy efficiency, coupled with the inviting atmosphere and attractive decorative elements such as the project luminaires in our mall area, create the right impression. My customers are happy to come again!” Oktalite is already intensively expanding its position as a single-source supplier in other projects.

Photos: Hans Georg Esch

Oktalite has been illuminating retail spaces for over 30 years. Having specialised in this field, oktalite creates lighting concepts, develops cutting-edge standardised and customised products and provides service and support.

As a member of the TRILUX Group, it is a single-source supplier: in addition to effectively staging sales areas, oktalite is also able to provide optimised lighting solutions for both indoor and outdoor secondary areas.