Light plays a central role in retail. It can make colours glow, effect sharp contrasts, energize or soothe, as well as stage products and focus shoppers’ attention on them.

The prerequisite for a successful lighting concept is close cooperation between client and lighting planner. To this end our consultants conduct an individual analysis to determine the target group, investigate the client’s corporate identity and the architecture of his retail premises.

This is the only way for the planner to draw up a customized concept in which the light creates the right kind of atmosphere and the brand image is optimally underscored. In the course of our holistic consulting process we not only review efficiency, colour rendering and light distribution, but also the way that light is perceived and how to guide customers. This allows us to swiftly identify the potential for improvement. Only then is

the product chosen, one for which the client can rely on a long lifespan thanks to Oktalite’s high quality standards. Our five-year guarantees can be adapted individually and offer additional protection. In the concept planning process every luminaire is then accorded a predefined function. This might be to illuminate a product, an exhibit or an architectural feature. However, after installation spotlights and luminaires are not always ideally positioned and then do not fulfil their functions as they should.

A competent partner such as Oktalite – a member of TRILUX Simplify Your Light – also provides assistance with these finishing touches. After all, every retail sector has its own demands and needs a requirement-oriented service.