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Lighting around the building

Holistic lighting solutions integrate both the interior and exterior of a building because an ideally coordinated lighting concept extends through all areas. On the following pages we present you with our enhanced portfolio for light around the building – lighting solutions offering orientation and safety thanks to perfectly illuminated circulation zones and brightly lit car parks. Such lighting increases the appeal of buildings and their surroundings with use of sophisticated accents, thus creating an atmosphere of wellbeing, and with material qualities and efficiency also able to resist the extreme conditions of industrial outdoor areas.

TRILUX lighting solutions also make an important contribution to the safety of buildings. Whatever your requirements, we provide you with easy access to ideally coordinated, individual light. Custom-designed, future-compliant components and products are transformed into solutions from a single cast in terms of technology and design. With us as a partner you can look forward to optimum results because planning, technology and a product spectrum tailor-made for indoor and outdoor applications all come from a single source and are ideally matched. This is what we call SIMPLIFY YOUR LIGHT.

Lighting solutions


The right solution for any application

For many companies the external lighting of their corporate buildings serves as an extended business card. To this end, functional, aesthetic and emotional aspects are paramount. Primarily, areas around buildings must be illuminated to enable quick and reliable orientation for employees and visitors. Furthermore, the building architecture and its surroundings can be showcased in a sophisticated way by using individually adapted and homogeneous lighting concepts. With their modern and purist design, TRILUX LED solutions blend harmoniously into their surroundings while simultaneously providing attractive accents.

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Our light is as tough as they come

Biting cold, oppressive heat, driving rain or cutting winds – light in industrial outdoor areas must not only withstand adverse weather but also meet the extreme challenges of everyday operation. Incessant forklift truck and lorry traffic creates vibration; dirt and dust threaten to lodge into any gap or joint. Any light supposed to brave such surroundings has to withstand a lot – because only fail-safe light can fulfil its core task: ensuring safe working conditions for employees and suppliers. Despite all toughness, it goes without saying that we have not neglected system intelligence either. Efficient lighting technology, outstanding lifespans and simple maintenance help to keep a grip on costs.

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Top of the class in lighting

When it comes to not only improving learning conditions in schools but also achieving more safety and security in outdoor applications, TRILUX offers holistic solutions. Weather- and impact-resistant as well as shock-proof luminaires provide ideal visual conditions in playgrounds and sports fields and help to minimise the risk of injury. LED systems from TRILUX are the first choice: unbeatable in terms of energy efficiency, they also score with robustness and superior design.

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Shop & Retail

How light stimulates purchases

Light is magical. It has the power to attract, it touches our souls, it can create moods and it influences our behaviour. In the shop and retail sector, light is a decisive factor when it comes to displaying products appealingly – in the best possible light, so to speak – whether indoors or outdoors. TRILUX lighting solutions confidently display merchandise and create ideal preconditions for both buyers and sellers. To enable impressive shopping experiences for customers, the outdoor lighting concept is also vital. When used correctly, variable lighting concepts can highlight prestigious buildings such as shopping villages, malls and retail facilities in an ideal way.

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The TRILUX Akademie is the qualification partner for everyone professionally concerned with light. Fundamental lighting expertise is communicated using various training formats.

21. February 2018

Maintenance factors: Challenging the 0.8 standard (WEUK0103) 1 pm - 2 pm


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