The users' needs were the main focus during development of the LiveLink software. LiveLink apps are used intuitively, and feature high levels of user friendliness and maximum convenience. They also significantly simplify light designing processes, commissioning and control.

The standard-compliant planning of a lighting system with light management is considered a complex and labour-intensive process. With LiveLink, that's a thing of the past, once and for all. In LiveLink, the requirements of a given application are taken into consideration at the very beginning. Matching room templates, or Use-Cases, can be

easily called up. This simplifies the planning enormously. LiveLink offers a broad selection of pre-set room configurations for typical areas of use. These so-called Use Cases refer, among other things, to schools, offices, or industrial halls. In case of more complex requirements, they can be modified individually. 


Intelligent light will revolutionise our everyday lives just like the invention of the incandescent lamp once did. Light is able to support healing processes, improve our ability to concentrate and perform and increase our well-being and safety.

What else does this revolution need? Light management that offers new functions via intelligence and that makes planning and installation extremely simple. We've combined our expertise and over a hundred years of lighting experience with that of the sensor technology specialist STEINEL to develop the LiveLink intelligent system.