Dazzlingly white fields, an impressive mountain panorama and a world inspired by the magic of winter – it’s typical of Klosters-Serneus. The landscape can be explored on around 50 kilometres of cross-country ski trails in the Swiss ski resort, and for some time now also during nocturnal hours.

TRILUX light illuminates a trail with a length of three kilometres, thus extending the skiing fun for both locals and tourists. During the night the Alpine landscape exudes its own type of magic, but at the same time this unique scenery is an asset that needs to be handled very carefully. For this reason, particular attention was paid during planning to luminaire posts blending as discreetly as possible into the rural surroundings.

They should also not be seen as disturbing during summer months, when the ski facilities are no longer used – less is more in this respect. "We recommended high light points to the construction authorities," explained Markus Elmer, CEO of TRILUX Switzerland. "This meant we could achieve optimum illumination of the trail with less posts." This also positively benefited the amount of cabling required.

Narrow distribution projectors were mainly installed, emitting light directly onto the prepared track to provide cross-country skiers with very good visibility conditions. At the same time, stray light is minimised to avoid disturbing residents with unwanted light emission. 

The nocturnal ski trail has now been operating for three winter seasons and is highly popular. "The night-time trail is very important for Klosters as a tourist resort, and it's also keenly used by the locals as well," explained Peter Tomaschett, Head of Public Works. The Klosters-Serneus municipality and TRILUX have worked together for several years, and projects include refurbishing the district's road lighting to TRILUX LED solutions.