After two difficult years, in-person events have returned, and TRILUX celebrated with the launch of its new Living Contrasts Program, which visited Spain in June 2022.

What is your take on this first edition of Living Contrasts in Spain?

Ignacio Reviriego: The years in which our contact with others has been greatly reduced, especially in person, have indeed been tough. Living Contrasts has been a return to a social normal. We've resumed shaking hands, giving hugs in a much more positive context, and we’ve been able to “return to normality”. Also, we had a lot of new developments to share, both physical as well as in services and the factories. It’s been an excellent opportunity to reconnect with clients and our field of work in an appealing way, both in the professional sphere, and in personal and even recreational aspects.

What goals have been achieved or promoted with the Living Contrasts Program?

Living Contrasts has helped us ramp up our relationship with some clients, which up until that point was progressing in slow motion. We also introduced a new product, the Tugra, which is now featured in many project specifications and even in some facilities.

The event also enabled us to resume service initiatives such as digital connection and monitoring, which we’ve worked on for quite some time. In short, Living Contrasts has afforded us much greater visibility in these fields and allowed us to energize projects that, due to the pandemic, had become frozen and are now in the implementation phase.

Chief Marketing Officer and Board Member Joachim Geiger attended Living Contrasts. How do you see the participation of TRILUX International representatives in the Spanish event?

Holding Living Contrasts has been a great opportunity to reconnect with contacts internally. Having colleagues from Germany in attendance has allowed us to recover our in-person relationship with them. Also, they’ve been able to get to know our clients firsthand, their interests, and their projects and to establish new relationships.

For TRILUX, it’s also been very important that they visited our factories and saw recent sustainability investments, such as photovoltaic panels, new production lines, and the new assembly area. They’ve gained a positive impression of our clients, their work with us, as well as the infrastructure.

What is TRILUX’s final assessment of the Living Contrasts Program?

Our view of the Living Contrasts program is very positive because it gave us a chance to meet directly with our clients, thus increasing engagement with them. Attending a trade fair and taking a 10-minute coffee break with clients is different from spending two days with them, as with Living Contrasts. We were able to share intense and valuable moments on both the human and the professional sides, which is why we think the program is a complete success, not only in Spain but also in other countries, bringing TRILUX closer to its clients, creating higher quality relationships.

How is TRILUX planning to maintain contact with clients and partners in Spain? Will you meet again in 2023?

Ignacio Reviriego: After the success of Living Contrasts, it is clear to us that the Program should continue. We are looking at how to adapt the format to bring it to the main cities in Spain and focus on specific vertical markets. We will continue to meet our customers and partners to provide more personalized service and, at the same time, reach our markets and clients in a more targeted way.

What are the next goals for TRILUX in Spain?

Ignacio Reviriego: The group holds TRILUX in high regard and wants us to continue to grow. Spain is a target country in the long-term growth strategy, and based on this, we’ve developed and approved a plan to become an industry leader over the next four years. We’ll work within TRILUX’s strategic vertical niches: retail, industrial, and office space. We’ll focus our efforts geographically and by distribution channel to significantly increase our market share in the coming years.