Lighting for day nurseries

Optimum light for the little ones

When children start daycare, the separation from their parents is often difficult for the little ones. In order for the children to quickly feel at home in their new surroundings, the furnishings must be ideally suited to their needs. Here, professional lighting also plays an important role: it optimises general safety, creates a feel-good atmosphere and allows the children to relax.

Human Centric Lighting (HCL) is the intelligent lighting solution for a harmonious daily routine for children. HCL brings daylight into daycare rooms and ideally supports the youngest children in getting used to the biological rhythm of the daily routine.

To maintain room air quality and prevent possible air contamination, TRILUX also offers luminaires with integrated CO2 sensors. Lighting solutions such as Opendo LED are equipped with a corresponding sensor that regularly measures the air quality. The sensor uses a light signal to indicate when the rooms need to be ventilated again.