Outdoor luminaire awards

Outdoor lighting is always representative. In exterior applications there are not only as many application possibilities as there are urban forms of architecture, but also various forms of taste. A TRILUX outdoor luminaire should look good but also make others look good as well. It presents, sets accents and creates safety. But it is not only the quality of materials and workmanship that is important. The design should also remain appealing after many years.

Outdoor luminaires from TRILUX create fascinating light situations and simply make things bright. They achieve maximum lumen output with a minimum of energy, convince with simple mounting are are also easy to maintain. A perfect prerequisite for design at very high levels that also convinces juries. Here is an overview of products that have been distinguished with awards.

Jovie LED

Thanks to Multi-Lens Technology (MLTIQ) and various switching variants, Jovie LED can be perfectly adapted to individual project-related requirements, e.g. as a Smart Lighting Ready variant with Zhaga interfaces for a light management system. Also ideal for later retrofitting.

Designer: TRILUX GmbH & Co. KG

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Cuvia LED

Whether on roads, at traffic nodes or in other public areas, TRILUX Cuvia ensures safety everywhere where people are on the go. Its long, maintenance-free service life and low energy consumption ensure efficient and standard-compliant lighting. Rapid mounting rounds off Cuvia's high economy factor.

Designer: Billings Jackson

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Altigo LED

The aesthetic Altigo LED luminaire family sets elegant linear accents not only at ground level but also on walls and ceilings. Thanks to their high design appeal the luminaires are ideal for the accenting of buildings.

Designer: Klaus Begasse

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Whether for green areas, squares or pedestrian zones: Elle impresses with flexibility thanks to a variable inclination angle and low energy consumption.

Designer: Klaus Begasse

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As the name implies, this post-top luminaire is keen to be at the centre of attention, both during the day as well as at night. Its form is predestined for the illumination of modern surfaces as well as heritage surroundings.

Designers: Italo Rota and Alessandro Pedretti, Italy

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Convia LED

LEDs have not only made the small, flat construction design of Convia LED possible that enables it to blend admirably into all urban landscapes, but more importantly they are also responsible for the excellent illumination of the street and a long service life as well.

Designer: Rino Bossy

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