Monitoring Services

Optimise where there's a need. Respond before a problem arises.

With the advent of LED lighting and advancing digitalisation, new possibilities are opening up for illuminating professional environments: in addition to high energy saving potential compared to conventional, obsolete systems, modern light control systems offer new possibilities for more comfort and open up completely new customer benefits. The lighting system can be monitored for example to provide clarity about the energy consumption. If the worst comes to the worst, it even proactively responds before a problem arises.

The essential advantages for you:

  1. Lower costs due to energy and resource savings.
  2. Greater comfort and significantly more transparency with energy consumption.
  3. With TRILUX Monitoring Services and the LiveLink light management system,
    you always keep control over your lighting system and can respond before a problem occurs.
  4. System adjustments or support also via remote access over a VPN connection

simple and easy

Monitoring Services

Use of standard luminaires

almost all dimmable TRILUX LED luminaires for industrial applications are prepared for the monitoring services. This means there are no additional costs for special luminaires!

The LiveLink light management is IoT-ready

the intelligent control system can be easily networked without additional investment - no matter how large your plant is.


whether for change requests or support, you or service staff can access and configure the system from anywhere.

High flexibility

information is easily integrated into building management systems via a suitable interface.

Cost transparency

  1. Greater cost transparency due to constant control of the energy costs of your lighting system
  2. Flexibility and lower maintenance costs, because maintenance cycles are modified to real demand


  1. Flexibility and lower maintenance costs, because maintenance cycles are modified to real demand
  2. Environmentally conscious and sustainable building management

Convenient control

  1. fully automatic or with a user-friendly app
  2. access all plant functions worldwide with remote access



Analysing and optimising energy consumption. With energy monitoring, energy consumption operating data can be read out and analysed via the LiveLink light management system either at group- or single luminaire level. The information gained in this way helps to recognise and optimise energy consumption.


The entire lighting system in view and under control even on the road. With light monitoring users gain access to all relevant operating data of the lighting system via LiveLink. The extensive information enables not only energy consumption levels to be optimised. The maintenance cycles can also be modified according to real needs because the system detects maintenance requirements in advance and then proactively notifies the responsible service office if desired. This form of predictive maintenance is significantly less complex and therefore also more economical than fixed maintenance intervals. Change requests or potential maintenance work can also be resolved remotely using a VPN connection. This also gives the installation specialist the opportunity to generate added value for its customers through new service offers.

Feature Energy
Current energy consumption per luminaire
Energy consumption 12 months per luminaire -
Operating status (on/off)
Operating time (h)
Error messages (display y/n)
Error messages (push message) -
Dim level -
Predictive Maintenance + Remaining operating hours -
Raw data via API -
Temperature ECG -
Printable historic report / analytics (graphics) -
Remote control (scenes) -
Analysis of sensor data -
Remote failure analysis (session file) -
Graphic visualisation floor plan* -
BackUp System Configuration* -

* LiveLink Premium


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Always one step ahead of the future

with the Monitoring Services

Opting for professional LED lighting and intelligent control of your industrial project with the LiveLink light management system means you already have the necessary hardware: the first step has been taken! Now you only need a connection to the LiveLink cloud where your electrical contractor registers your system in just a few simple steps - you can then book the desired service!

Good to know: almost all TRILUX LED industrial luminaires are prepared for the monitoring services: pay attention to the "monitoring-ready" symbol.

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