Product data and gross prices

From now on, TRILUX product data and gross price information are available for download in TRILUX ONE:

  1. BMEcat 2005 full version - lassified according to ETIM 8.0 (zip) -  BMEcat files and all references
  2. BMEcat 2005 - classified according to ETIM 8.0 (zip) - BMEcat files and product pictures (JPG)
  1. Substitution list from old to new products Microsoft EXCEL® (zip)


In addition to product data, discover further practical functions and services for your day-to-day business in TRILUX ONE, e.g.

  1. Personal dashboard
  2. Edit projects together
  3. View orders, query status, track delivery dates
  4. Submit complaints directly
  5. Sending large amounts of data
  6. and much more in the future...

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