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What is the ideal lighting solution for an office building with its array of applications, ranging from stairways to prestigious executive offices? Without doubt, all applicable standards must be complied with. In addition to that though, the demands made on office luminaires have fundamentally changed – and technological innovation provides users with diverse options in terms of energy efficiency, visual comfort and Human Centric Lighting, intelligent light control and design.

Opinions vary widely on the question of the right office lighting because lighting requirements in offices are highly diverse – a modern office workstation requires different lighting conditions to conference rooms or lounges. Professional lighting from TRILUX enables the interests of all participants to be complied with, ranging from legislative specifications and cost efficiency for operators to the individual needs of users regarding office atmosphere.

Light for wellbeing in offices

Human Centric Lighting for offices

Offices are one of the most effective applications for Human Centric Lighting. It improves levels of concentration, creativity and the capacity to perform. These effects are achieved through calming as well as activating light. Correct specification facilitates targeted lighting of productive areas or relaxation rooms, for example, with a light colour that supports the specific activity. TRILUX Active luminaires create both activating and calming light scenes with a single luminaire.

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Energy efficiency in the office sector

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Energy efficiency is a central factor when specifying suitable lighting solutions in addition to a long service life and wide maintenance intervals – and these are typical properties of TRILUX luminaires. They provide the best preconditions for high-performance lighting systems that feature high cost-efficiency in the long run.

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New Work

Our world is changing. The factors of influence are diverse: mobility, digitalisation, networking and globalisation, the demographic transition, individuality and work-life balance. We face up to this and adapt to it. But what about our office surroundings?

Energy efficiency

in the office sector

Modern, contemporary office lighting is not a luxury but an important corporate tool to reduce costs and increase the performance capability and well-being of employees. In addition, luminaire design is a central element of design enabling the expression of corporate identity. The wide range of energy-efficient TRILUX lighting solutions for the office sector is compliant with all normative requirements.

Energy consumption in kWh per annum

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