LED office lighting in transition

Sustainable, individual, networked

Digitization, demographic change, individuality and work-life balance are changing modern work structures as well as office design. Project work, networking and informal communication are increasingly shaping everyday office life and require new work and room concepts. We believe that good light makes the difference. And that light has the power to inspire, motivate and activate people. With this conviction, we develop modern, sustainable and future-proof lighting solutions for our customers that address the needs of employees, increase well-being and bring corporate values to life - in both classic and modern offices.

ConVision® technology for pleasant light

Luminaires with ConVision® technology produce particularly pleasant light: it is directional, space and objects can be perceived in a particularly vivid way.

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Human Centric Lighting

A Human Centric Lighting solution is always based on a professionally planned lighting concept in which all components are precisely aligned to the customer's needs and the specific application.

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Switch now. Save Energy.


  1. Save up to 85% in energy and greenhouse gases
  2. Tailor-made light for maximum well-being
  3. Without mercury, with a future

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Sustainable office lighting

Good for people, good for the environment

Intelligence is sustainable

Lighting management networks luminaires to create intelligent, adaptive systems. This reduces operating costs and protects the environment. LIVELINK is the TRILUX solution for light management in office applications.

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Energy-saving LED technology

Over 90% of a luminaire's carbon footprint is accounted for by the use phase. Highly efficient LEDs and optics minimize energy consumption.

Intelligently networkable

Office solutions controlled with lighting management maximize lighting comfort, minimize energy costs and are a central component of sustainable building management.

Durable and easy to maintain

High efficiencies and lifetimes of up to 100,000 h predestine the TRILUX Office portfolio for subsidies and building certifications and support our customers in implementing their climate strategy.

Sustainable from the start

Whether replacing components or using recyclable materials, the development of office solutions focuses on sustainability.

Human Centric Lighting

Light for wellbeing in offices

The office is one of the most effective areas of application for Human Centric Lighting. The use of HCL increases concentration, creativity and performance.

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Office Products

TRILUX as a strong partner
in the Office solutions area

TRILUX Talks Office

Shedding new light on working environments
From Smart Office to lighting refurbishment in existing buildings - in our video series TRILUX TALKS Office you will learn interesting facts about the latest trends and solutions for sustainable light in the workplace.

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Full service for your project

Lighting Solutions & Services
As an expert partner, TRILUX accompanies its customers through the increasingly complex lighting market and offers an integrated modular service portfolio that covers all services relating to new professional office lighting - from lighting design and implementation to project financing.

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Light management made easy

LiveLink ONE
Intelligent lighting systems that are controlled by sensors, minimise their energy consumption, independently report a maintenance requirement and interact individually with users are an integral part of a smart building.

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TRILUX supports you with the implementation of future-orientated lighting solutions. With a wide service and product portfolio, these range from auditing the existing lighting on location and designing the new system to financing, installation, maintenance and operating services.

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