High-performance LED lighting solutions for logistics

Customised solutions for a demanding industry

A powerful lighting solution for logistics is not only appealing because of its lighting quality - it also ensures low operating costs thanks to the high energy efficiency. A long service life reduces maintenance requirements and guarantees permanently smooth operation without expensive interruptions. In addition, lighting management and smartness are becoming increasingly important. TRILUX luminaires can be networked via the LiveLink lighting management system, linked with sensors, monitored and controlled with unrivalled convenience. The results are individual lighting solutions and energy savings of up to 85 percent.

The potential of a smart lighting network extends far beyond pure lighting tasks. Thanks to open, standardised interfaces, IoT and IIot components can be easily integrated into the lighting network via plug and play in addition to any sensor technology. In logistics, for example, location-based services such as asset tracking or heat mapping can be implemented. This turns the light point into a data point and the lighting network into a driver of digitisation.


Calculate and compare precisely

Is it worthwhile investing in a smart lighting solution - or is a simple sensor-controlled LED system enough? Precisely calculated costs for lighting in Euro/m2 offer a sound basis for decision-making when selecting the right lighting system. 


Time is money that nobody has

Since all components come from one source, TRILUX solutions can be installed and commissioned uniquely, quickly and safely. Many refurbishment projects can even be implemented during ongoing operations. 


A strong contribution of lighting

Energy-efficient intelligent lighting saves CO2 - and helps logistics companies achieve their sustainability goals. A clever CO2 calculator shows the potential savings.


Open today, ready for tomorrow 

New technologies, new applications, new potential - thanks to the modular design with open IoT interfaces, TRILUX lighting solutions are already equipped for the future. 


Loading ramps

Cross roads between inside and outside

Shunting trucks, goods, machines and people meet at the loading ramps. For efficient and safe work processes, perfect visual conditions are an absolute must. TRILUX solutions are designed for this: With the highest quality standards, high-grade materials and innovative construction technology, the solutions prove their worth even under the most adverse conditions.

Order picking

Fast and safe with the right light

Efficient order picking requires a high quality of light. Pick slips must be able to be recorded quickly and without errors, and the goods must then be assembled from the various storage areas. High illuminance levels facilitate orientation and, in conjunction with customised light distribution and high glare limitation, ensure safe working conditions - even when goods are picked directly under the hall ceiling. 

Logistic 4.0

the digital potentials of lighting

A networked lighting solution can be used as a plug-and-play infrastructure for non-lighting tasks. IoT components are simply integrated into the lighting network via standardised interfaces. This enables simple, secure and cost-effective implementation of IoT and IIoT applications, for example location-based services such as asset tracking or heat mapping. A small step for lighting, a big leap towards smart logistics.

LiveLink light management - smart light in logistics

Networking and control of luminaires by means of sensors. Reduction of energy consumption. Predictive maintenance. Adaptation to individual needs.

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Asset Tracking - knowing where

Asset Tracking enables mobile assets - such as goods, equipment or machines - to be located at any time, even inside closed buildings. This reduces search times and increases process efficiency.

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Data Analytics and Heat Mapping - turning data into information 

Data Analytics transforms the data from Location Based Services into usable information. Using a graphically prepared heat map of the routes, processes can be optimised and danger spots can be mitigated. 

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Information and advice - know-how from the specialist

Only those who know the options and understand the technical background can make a well-founded, fact-based decision. An important building block for this: individual and project-related consulting by TRILUX specialists. 

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Technical Services - simple solution for complex projects 

The more complex a project, the more complex the installation, networking and commissioning of the lighting solution. With Technical Services, companies can delegate all relevant tasks to TRILUX.

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Project management - maximum support, optimal result 

Whether planning, financing, installation or operation - in its function as a general contractor, TRILUX takes over all lighting tasks on request. The result: maximum support and an optimal result. 

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Solutions for logistics

the right answer to every challenge

Whether heat, cold, moisture, dust, shocks or vibrations - with a wide range of modular solutions, even the toughest lighting requirements can be mastered with ease. Always in focus: excellent light, material and processing quality and maximum efficiency. And of course a clear commitment to smart, networked solutions.  With TRILUX, everything is very simple.

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