TRILUX efficiency calculator

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High energy-saving potential is to be found in refurbishing old lighting systems. The TRILUX efficiency calculator enables you to directly compare up to five systems.

Analysis and graphic processing

For calculation purposes, all economically relevant parameters are entered into a clear input screen. Luminaire, system and utilisation data are taken into account as well as system, lamp, maintenance and energy costs. Connection to the TRILUX online catalogue ensures that product data is always up-to-date. Clear graphics of the results, e.g. the analysis of yearly total costs or the development of investment and operating costs make it understandable at first glance.

Easy use of data

Calculation results are summarised in easily understandable tables to provide customer-specific decision support. These include statements concerning energy efficiency, reduction of carbon dioxide, costs as well as amortisation periods for relevant planning fundamentals. Individually created projects can of course be saved on a local PC, archived, and then processed later. Creating a project report is also useful. This includes all project data, evaluations, diagrams as well as data sheets of the products used.

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TRILUX efficiency calculator for lighting


Efficiency calculator