TRILUX extended availability promise

Because every project means a long-term partnership to us

This has never happened before! To ensure more sustainability, safety and consistency of the design, we give you the TRILUX extended availability promise. Even ten years after your first purchase, you can still obtain the same product from us. In case of spare parts, like LED modules, LED control gears or optics, the period is even 15 years. Our motto: Long live the perfect combination of longevity and sustainability.


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Very promising benefits

More sustainability, less CO22

The service life of the lighting solution is extended with the long-term provision of spare parts, increasing profitability and reducing the carbon footprint.

More safety, less effort

Any maintenance or repair work is carried out swiftly and safely with the right spare parts.

More continuity, more future

Thanks to the extended product availability, follow-up and expansion projects can be implemented with luminaires in a uniform design language, subject to only marginal adjustments in design and functionality based on technical progress.

Longevity meets sustainability

Our lifetime solutions

We give you our extended availability promise for the following luminaires from our portfolio.

Really? How? And what exactly?

Are you interested in our extended availability promise or do you have any questions?
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