FINANCING – light is money

Tailor-made financial SOLUTIONS for your lighting system

Leasing or hire purchase have always been the standard options for financing mobile capital assets. Today however, and increasing numbers of companies are taking advantage of the opportunities to finance their lighting installations. You can also benefit from the advantages of a modern, efficient and high-performance lighting system – through  financing solution that perfectly fits your individual needs and means.


As your expert partner for all aspects of lighting, we don't just limit ourselves to technical queries such as lighting calculations and installation: we offer you support across the complete spectrum with a comprehensive range of services. And we also support you in planning the perfect lighting solution as well as in selecting your optimal form of financing. Learn more about the current financing options and find out which one is best for you by having an informal chat with us.

use instead of own

Would you like to benefit from the advantages of a new lighting system – without purchasing or financing it? No problem: if you like, you can also rent your new LED lighting system from TRILUX. Renting a lighting installation reduces corporate tax, protects your capital and is also balance sheet neutral. The cost  of the rent depends, among other factors, on the rental period and the services included. Should you be interested in a transfer of ownership during the term of the contract, we'd be happy to make this possible.

Pay per use
consumption-dependent costs

Pay per use is a special form of rent, and therefore also capital-protecting and balance sheet neutral. The biggest difference compared to renting: the monthly instalments contain a consumption-dependent component via which you can directly influence the costs. Find out here which advantages TRILUX Pay per Use offers you and receive a quote for your project quickly and without obligation in just a few clicks.

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transfer of ownership at the end OF THE LEASING PERIOD

Leasing instalments are tax-deductible operating expenses. They are also balance sheet neutral, reduce corporate tax and protect your capital. At the end of the contract period the lighting system is usually transferred to the customer – individual solutions are however also possible. Short contract periods of between five and seven years make leasing contracts manageable. TRILUX offers customers comprehensive service packages for this purpose. In this way companies can continue to fully concentrate on their core business – and leave TRILUX to look after the lighting.

Hire purchase
hybrid financing with special game rules

Hire purchase is a mixed form of financing with rental and purchase law elements. The customer pays monthly instalments and receives modern lighting in return, which automatically transfers to his ownership at the end of the contract period. During the term of the contract, the rental buyer is responsible for the lighting system, including costs for operation and maintenance. Because the tax and accounting consequences of hire purchase are not desired by all customers, this form of financing is rarely applied.



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