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How to do good business sustainably

On the journey to sustainable concepts, retail has an effective ally: the right light. Sustainable lighting solutions for retail save valuable energy and thus combine economic efficiency with resource conservation. At the same time, the quality of light influences well being, perception and thus purchasing behaviour. Light creates attractive spaces and stages the goods - for a holistic shopping experience.

As the German market leader for technical lighting with over 111 years of experience, we have in-depth lighting technology know-how for a wide range of applications from industry to office. We bundle this competence in retail applications with Oktalite and its expertise from more than 40 years. Oktalite's customized product and service portfolio is oriented towards the special requirements in retail - and in the context of the TRILUX GROUP also offers services far beyond this.

Sustainable retail lighting

Promotes sales, conserves resources

Intelligence is sustainable

Lighting management networks light points and sensors to create intelligent, adaptive systems. This saves energy, protects the environment and creates added value for customers and retailers. LiveLink RETAIL is the TRILUX solution for light management in retail.

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Energy-saving LED technology

Over 90% of a luminaire's carbon footprint is accounted for by the use phase. Highly efficient LEDs and optics minimize energy consumption.

Intelligently networkable

Digital control interfaces and adaptive lighting technology: TRILUX and Oktalite luminaires are ready for smart lighting management, for example with LiveLink Retail.

Modular and recycling friendly

On the way to a circular economy: materials and modular design of Oktalite spotlights facilitate maintenance and recycling.

Sustainably packaged

Minimized, plastic-free and recyclable packaging gets our products to the point of use safely and conserves resources.

Quality beats quantity

More impact with fewer luminaires: Visual comfort, energy and light efficiency make luminaires of the TRILUX Group ideal for sustainable planning.


light as perfect as the sun

Turquoise or aquamarine, old rose or mauve, beige or taupe – in natural sunlight it is easy to distinguish even the smallest nuances of colour. Colours appear intense, brilliant and saturated. With Sun.Light.Quality., we have defined sunlight as the reference value for our lighting solutions – and on this basis we have developed three innovative natural light colours for a wide variety of retail areas: BRILLIANT COLOUR for excellent colour presentation of the entire product range, especially in the fashion sector, EFFICIENT WHITE for unique white presentation with maximum efficiency and BRILLIANT FOOD for perfectly illuminated food.

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Food – Fashion – Shop – Automotive – DHE

Ancillary areas – focusing on quality

In addition to the typical sales areas, there are a large number of ancillary areas in retail that also need to be ideally illuminated. They include car parks and parking garages as well as facades, paths, offices, sanitary and storage areas. As a one-stop full-service provider, we offer holistic solutions for all areas of the building as well as areas around buildings. This not only simplifies planning and implementation – it also guarantees perfectly coordinated lighting technology and a uniform, harmonious design.

Retail luminaires

our sales specialists

Our retail solutions are genuine sales professionals. With a wide range of track spotlights, system solutions, recessed and suspended luminaires, all retail requirements can be perfectly covered. The best part about it: Thanks to the modular design with a wide selection of optics, the LED luminaires can be precisely adapted to their respective area of application. Bestselling points: a uniquely high quality of light, attractive design and convincingly low operating costs.

Human Centric Lighting

better light by nature

Sunlight changes its spectral composition during the course of the day, influencing various processes in the body. These include, for example, biorhythm, well-being and the ability to concentrate. With HCL, we bring natural sunlight into the retail sector: The luminaires change their spectral composition analogue to daylight, creating a pleasant and natural atmosphere.

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Store Access Management – SAM, the digital doorman

SAM is the digital store access management by TRILUX. With the help of SAM, companies can outsource complex access control to a digital employee. Your benefit: in addition to time and cost savings, it provides valuable insights into customer structure and behaviour. The best part about it: SAM is installed quickly and easily without interfering with the digital infrastructure.

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LEDIQ – smart lighting with a future

Be it a new installation or a refurbishment of an existing building – with our clever plug & play solutions, smart lighting networks in retail can be installed quickly and safely. Without DALI control lines, the luminaires are simply networked wirelessly via Bluetooth Low Energy. Thanks to standardised interfaces, complementary IoT applications such as location-based services can also be implemented via the lighting infrastructure without any conversion work.

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Energy efficiency – smart savings

Investing in a smart networked lighting system with light management pays off several times over in retail: On the one hand, energy consumption can be significantly reduced by integrating sensors, for example daylight sensors that only contribute the lacking amount of light. In addition, a light management system such as LiveLink enables uniquely convenient monitoring and flexible control of the installation, for example for eye-catching product showcasing.

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All possibilities from A to Z

From lighting design and financing to installation, maintenance and IoT applications – TRILUX and Oktalite take care of all tasks relating to your lighting.

Monitoring services – more transparency, less costs

If desired, the networked lighting can be conveniently monitored and controlled via the LiveLink IoT platform. Innovative applications such as predictive maintenance reduce costs and downtime.

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Location-based services – digitalisation to go

Location-based services offer retailers many new opportunities to optimise processes, increase sales and improve the customer experience, e.g. people counting, proximity marketing, indoor navigation or heat mapping. What about implementation? It's simple: all plug & play via the lighting.

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Financing – guaranteed to find the right fit

Purchase, rental, leasing, hire-purchase or pay-per-use: with our financing options, everyone can find the right solution for their project, e.g. balance sheet-neutral financing without own investment. Many renovations can also be financed through savings in energy costs.

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