100 per cent light. Zero investment. Zero risk.

Due to high operating costs and new legal requirements such as the T8 lamp ban, the refurbishment of outdated lighting solutions is becoming increasingly urgent. However: Design, implementation and operation are associated with a high level of effort and investment. This is why TRILUX offers a clever all-round carefree package with Light as a Service . TRILUX takes care of all the tasks regarding the new lighting system. Customers rent their customised light at a fixed monthly rate. 

Light as a Service is the simplest way to customised light – without risk and investments of your own. TRILUX designs, installs and operates the lighting system, the customer merely pays a fixed monthly rate which can be deducted from taxes as operating costs. This preserves equity and liquidity and ensures long-term planning. The best part about it: Due to the high energy efficiency compared to the existing solution, the customer usually saves money from day one with Light as a Service. 

Rent instead of buying

Minimum effort, maximum result

Rent customised light in best TRILUX quality. TRILUX takes care of all tasks relating to design, installation and operation, including dismantling the old system.  

Balance sheet-neutral without investment

Planning security included

The balance sheet-neutral implementation without investments preserves liquidity, and the constant rent over the entire term provides maximum planning security.

Reducing costs

Profit from day one

Rent plus operating costs for the new energy-efficient light are usually significantly lower than the operating costs of the old system. 

Risk-free decision

Smooth operation with guarantees

TRILUX bears the product and liability risk and guarantees smooth operation of the installation. Service and maintenance work are included in the rent.

Development of the annual costs

Old plant in comparison to Light as a service

Industry-specific success factors

Individual possibilities through Light as a Service

Would you like more features?

Expand the scope of services with modules 

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What possibilities does Light as a Service offer for your project? Simply ask us! We will be happy to show you all the options – and together we will look for the best solution.

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