Professional lighting in the health sector

Professional lighting in the health sector

Whether for clinics, rehabilitation, care or doctors' practices on-site: we offer you intelligent lighting solutions for all application areas. This concerns more than merely the illumination of rooms – the right light creates a sense of well-being for patients. And it also enables doctors and care personnel to carry out concentrated work. Together with you we devise lighting concepts that correspond to your individual requirements. Let yourself be inspired.

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Clinics need tailor-made light. Our products range from decorative accenting for buildings to bright and friendly general lighting in public rooms and special OR lights according to DIN standards. You have special needs? That's precisely what our light can supply!


The duration and success of therapy and rehabilitation is closely knit to the well-being of your patients. The right lighting supports this process of healing, and can have either stimulating or calming effects. However the desired effect, we implement your plans in the right light.


Our diverse lighting solutions for the care sector combine cosiness and well-being with orientation and safety. Light ensures unimagined atmospheric accents, and significantly supports care work at the same time while helping to reduce the frequency of accidents. Install light that serves your needs – with TRILUX.


Doctors' practices benefit from a whole range of lighting scenes: for the reception area a friendly, inviting light is recommended that dispels fear of contact. In the waiting room a pleasant, calming atmosphere is needed. And in treatment rooms, targeted bright lighting is optimal while still taking well-being into account. Discover the therapeutic strength of light.

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