TRILUX has just turned 111 years old.

What profession would you have liked to work in back then?

As I am a trained carpenter, that would probably have been my profession of choice at the time. Carpentry fascinates me and is extremely creative. The versatility of wood as a material and the ability to work with it to create furniture or fascinating objects is a dream job for me. I really enjoyed my training in this profession and I still have some of my self-made furniture at home, all absolute eye-catchers!

What do you consider to be the three most important lighting inventions of the last 111 years?


For me, the first crucial invention is the tungsten wire, even if it dates back a few years. Additionally, Ifind the invention of the LED fascinating. It is such an impressive light-emitting component. To this day, no other lamp technology is faster or more flexible. The third invention, which I would count as one of the most important, is the electronic ballast. Today, the device allows us to operate our luminaires very efficiently and digitally.

Is there a project that has stayed particularly memorable to you, and why?

There are many, simply because light is so multifaceted. So, it is difficult to find a favorite here. But one project I would like to highlight in particular. It involves a large shopping center in the heart of North Rhine-Westphalia with a sales area of about 70,000 square meters. Here, I had the opportunity to adjust and program 3000 of our lighting solutions with light management according to customer requirements. All luminaires in this project are digitally dimmable, and many are capable of adjusting the color temperature as well. As a result, we ensure the right light in the center at any time of day.

The entire system even operates wirelessly with our light management system, LiveLink Retail. Let me tell you, when you have control over such a large number of luminaires and they all respond to your command, it simply gives me a sense of awe. These moments make my current job something special, and I look forward to the next challenge every day.

Wherever there is light, there is life, and it brings people together:

What is your favorite thing to do with your colleagues?


Apart from the short hallway chats and joint lunch breaks, our festivities in Cologne are undoubtedly the highlights. Whether it's Altweiberfastnacht, the summer party, or the Christmas celebration, these occasions foster a special bond with my colleagues. While working together is essential, events like these demonstrate how well we harmonize as a team. These team-building measures are of great importance in developing unity. "We in Kölle maache et richtig" (We in Kölle do things right)