Our Vision is to provide the perfect combination of innovation, Quality and service to our clients. As part of our success within the Middle East, we worked closely with the Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority, creating a complete lighting solution, tailor-made to their exact requirements. DAFZA was established as a free economic zone in 1996 and It is currently home to 1,600 companies from across the globe.

We created an energy efficient lighting system, providing perfect visual comfort levels for DAFZA’s tenants and employees across their offices, communal areas, underground parking, lobbies and hallways. In parking garages the safety aspect is always focused on because the dark zones can only be avoided with uniform reliable lighting. The best solution provided to the DAFZA car parking area is Araxeon LED.

The new Araxeon LED luminaire of 18W provided a 55% energy saving. The advanced XB-Extra Wide diffuser dramatically increased the lighting levels and improved vertical illumination, creating a safer parking environment for DAFZA’s tenants and staff.

We used the ARIMO MRX LED luminaire of 24W throughout DAFZA’s offices.

With Micro Reflector Technology, impressive lux levels and a low glare rating of less than 19, the Luminaire creates the perfect lighting level for office productivity.

Thanks to truly innovative technology, the ARIMO MRX consumes less than half the energy of a conventional luminaire.

By working jointly with our regional partner, we achieved a sustainable lighting solution whilst providing energy efficient lighting throughout DAFZA. Custom designed and robust, our lighting technology increased the lumes per watt whilst reducing the overall wattage per sqm, complying with the Green Initiative of the Dubai Government.