Long-standing cooperation is the best expression of trust and good communication between partners. The result of several years of cooperation with FM Logistic is the lighting project developed in Wiskitki. The logistics platform is being successively expanded with newer and more modernized halls. This was also the case here. Another investment meets the requirements of the investor, whose main intention was to make the building energy efficient. The use of lighting solutions from TRILUX made this possible.

Customer Needs and an Appropriate Solution

In defining its goals for the Polish market, FM Logistic set the issue of effectively minimizing energy consumption as a key one. Taking into account the amount of energy that is consumed in such a hall, luminaires with motion detectors were used in the design. This optimized the lighting making the building energy efficient, while meeting all the requirements of lighting standards.

The very idea of the implementation was created on the basis of already previous realizations, which were worked out together with FM Logistic. The luminaires of the Mirona family became an extremely important element of the whole project. They played the main role. Together with motion and daylight detectors, they created an intelligent system, which, above all, has appropriately adjusted optics that allow to minimize the number of luminaires used, thus adjusting the amount of light to different areas and real needs. TRILUX ensured that the elements were tailored as closely as possible to the customer's vision.

Along with the implementation of the new LED fixtures, FM Logistic has also opted for a lighting control system based on DALI modules. Thanks to this, the building can successively reduce the amount of energy consumed, which, combined with TRILUX luminaires, will make the fees including electricity decrease. Such solutions are increasingly becoming the first choice for both emerging investments and refurbishment facilities.

Success During a Pandemic

The implementation of the project in Wiskitki took place right after the COVID-19 pandemic, which, as it seems today, could have disrupted the supply chain and posed quite an obstacle to finalizing the project. This was not the case, however, as the entire team showed 100 percent commitment despite the volatile situation. "This involved an even greater commitment from the logistics and production departments to ensure that the luminaires were delivered on the dates declared in advance. Despite the difficulties, we managed to meet the challenge," emphasized Marcin Szymanski, Project Manager at TRILUX.

Despite the constraint created by the pandemic, TRILUX once again proved that smooth execution of investments is not an impossible thing. It is thanks to this that FM Logistic can enjoy a new logistics platform. "I think the project in Wiskitki is another proof of the very fruitful cooperation between FM Logistic and TRILUX. The joint implementation of the next stages of the investment in Wiskitki, as well as in other locations, only confirms this," Marcin Szymanski concludes.

The Future in Our Hands

According to the EU RoHs directive, the production and import of mercury-containing lamps have been banned. It therefore becomes necessary to use LED fixtures, which is both safer for the environment and more economical for businesses. This is an option that not only reduces energy consumption, or kWh, so that prices go down, but most importantly minimizes CO2 emissions. Exactly such luminaires, were used during the creation of the logistics platform in Wiskitki. Thanks to them, as well as the entire control system, the building became energy-efficient, while meeting all the requirements of lighting standards.

The solution using Mirona luminaires, is perfectly summarized by Lukasz Orlowski, Electrical Engineer at FM Logistic, who states: "Each LED luminaire, and all the elements it is equipped with, allow to minimize energy consumption, and as we already know: saving energy = less demand."