An LED system from TRILUX cuts energy consumption by half and improves light comfort.

When something "makes sense", it's seen as having been generally well thought out, reliable and trustworthy, and the Herbrügger building centres achieve such stipulations in several ways. 

As a result, customer services set standards and the investment strategy is not only aimed at short-term success. The latest example is the new lighting installation from TRILUX at the Menden, Arnsberg and Unna sites that slash energy consumption by half, distinctly improve lighting convenience and therefore also improve on competitive capability. Franz Herbrügger GmbH & Co. KG is a family-owned company founded in 1927.

It all started with a small steamroller workshop that developed to become a medium-sized trading company with building stores and building material retail outlets. The company employs around 170 people. Not without pride is it claimed that average service within the company is 14 years. A sense of continuity is an essential factor in maintaining the high level of service according to Herbrügger, and this is the reason why the company aims to employ experienced and technically trained employees, often skilled tradesmen.

This enables customers to be given expert advice even in difficult cases – an advantage that's certainly popular.  The new lighting conditions following refurbishment are also popular. "Customers notice the difference and judge the lighting situation as being very good," reported Manfred Budde, Head of Business Development and Building Management.

 Employees are also enthusiastic – they are not as tired in the evenings because their visual tasks on computer screens or when reading small labels is now easier. The colour rendering on products has also been improved. "Beforehand, white colours looked slightly creamy, but now they look really pure and radiating in the bathroom display area."



Replacing the approximate 3,500 luminaires in the three Herbrügger retail outlets not only slashed energy consumption by 50%, the lighting level was significantly increased thanks to the new E-Line LED luminaires. Upgrading was simple and also cost-efficient because almost all of the existing mounting rails in the old system, also previously supplied by TRILUX, could continue to be used.

Only a few (tool-free) turns off the wrist were needed for installation. The new system has proven to be highly flexible in everyday use. "Instead of wide-area light we need more spots in our special display areas, for example at the start of the barbecue season, and also in the tile, building material, garden furniture and boutique areas,"

said Manfred Budde. The lighting installation can be quickly and simply adapted to this need thanks to accent lighting supplied by TRILUX. "This has greatly benefited our goods displays, and it's also enabled us to distance ourselves from our competition in this respect," added the building manager.

Cooperation with TRILUX was also successful in the opinion of Herbrügger. Field sales were highly committed, decisions were taken quickly and efficiently and the logistics side functioned without problems. "Certainly a successful package all round," summed up Manfred Budde.