The office sector is an ideal application area for Human Centric Lighting, and biologically effective lighting solutions from TRILUX increase concentration, creativity and performance.

This concerns not just short-term "tuning" but a strengthening of the biological rhythm, adapted individually to each worker. The inner clock of people in our modern world of work has often been out of step.

Natural daylight is missing as a synchroniser, which in the interiors of buildings is either completely unavailable or only available to a certain extent. During the darker months this is especially noticed – employees feel tired, complain about bad moods and show less motivation.

Human Centric Lighting systems from TRILUX counteract this and increase general levels of well-being. Rooms equipped in this way dynamically adapt brightness and light colour to the natural daylight sequence of light.

As a result, cool white light is invigorating. To make sure that the inner clock does not become unsynchronised though, it is recommended to use warm white light colours towards evening. This in turn prevents any disruptions to our nocturnal relaxation period.

Human Centric Lighting

TRILUX is analysing the effect of light on people according to the term of Human Centric Lighting. The approach goes beyond standard system design and is dedicated to pure lighting and energy efficiency criteria.

The topic is mainly about the effect of light on human well-being and health, and biologically effective light is a part of this. The use of Human Centric Lighting is not only suitable for the medical-therapeutic sector, but also for office and industrial areas. It is however only competent lighting design that enables the optimal utilisation of such intelligent lighting solutions.

Human Centric Lighting