TRILUX has just turned 111 years old.

What profession would you have liked to work in back then?


I have always enjoyed drawing. That means I would have liked to work as a technical draftsman. However, I think drawing with ink and pencil was a real challenge.

You have been Solution Manager Sales at TRILUX since 2018.

What is your job specifically?


I support the sales team as a specialist for the topics of lighting control and IoT - across all applications. Most customer requirements can be met with various LiveLink solutions, but we also work together as a team to develop a suitable solution for all other requirements. This requires extensive expertise, for example in lighting and electrical engineering, network technology and IoT.

Is that what you've always wanted to be?


Basically, yes. It all started on July 11, 1992, when I was fascinated and captivated by the lighting at the Michael Jackson concert on the Dangerous Tour. This was followed by an apprenticeship as an event technician with a focus on lighting and later further training to become an event technology manager. The subsequent specialization in lighting management and IoT is only logical.

What makes working at TRILUX special for you?


I love the versatility of my tasks, the great team structure and the enthusiasm with which we work on an extremely exciting and dynamic industry topic. Due to the enormous potential, the topics of light management, digitalization and smartness are considered in all applications and teams - and are advanced and developed by everyone together.

What do you consider to be good light and a successful luminaire?


Good light is not intrusive, it supports me in my activities and creates an attractive atmosphere. Since we spend most of our time indoors, Human Centric Lighting is also important to me, i.e. "nature-identical" dynamic sunlight. It stabilizes the biorhythm and increases well-being. And of course, a successful luminaire has to be smart. Above all, to save energy. But also to flexibly adapt the light to the individual and situational needs of the user.

What is your favorite lighting moment?


There are an incredible number of fascinating lighting moods in nature. I'm deeply impressed every time I walk through the Rhine meadows with my dog in the morning and see the sun rise. That is magical!

And your best TRILUX moment since you've been with us?


A highlight that comes back every year is the TRILUX Motorcycle Tour, which we have been hosting since 2019 and which unfortunately had to take a break during the Corona times. We have already been to the Black Forest and the Moselle region. This year, seven of us will go by motorcycle through the Eifel.