Renowned ski and sports celebrities gather yearly at the KITZ-RACE-Club in Kitzbühel for the Hahnenkamm races. For those seeking impeccable makeup that complements both the occasion and the time of day, a visit to the KITZ-BEAUTY-Club by Sturmayr is an insider's recommendation. As the official lighting partner, TRILUX ensures excellent lighting and an appealing ambience throughout the pop-up building. A key aspect of the lighting concept includes three distinct lighting scenarios within the KITZ-BEAUTY-Club: "Ski Slope", "Makeup Artist", and "KITZ-RACE-Party". These scenarios enable makeup to be perfectly adapted to the different lighting conditions. The double benefit extends to a professional makeup artist on-site who caters to guests' beauty needs. To investigate further, we talked to a seasoned expert, Katharina Amaxopoulos, who has 30 years of experience in the industry.

What considerations should I keep in mind for winter makeup?

In winter, our skin needs to be protected from the cold and the sun's rays. This is because snow reflects the sun and intensifies the radiation. I recommend products with a high oil content that provide good protection against the cold, as well as sun protection of at least SPF 50.

Product quality or craftsmanship - which is more important?

Product quality is my top priority; everything else can be learned. High-quality products are easier to apply and blend better with the skin. We only have one skin, and we should give it the best we can.

What impact does lighting have on the result?

A very big one! For instance, summer colors should be more subtle because skin tones tend to be darker. Conversely, when skin tone is lighter in winter, lipstick or eye makeup can be bolder. We all take selfies from time to time. The right lighting is particularly important here. Many people use ring lights for this, which are available in all sizes and with a cell phone holder. This immediately makes you look blurred, even without a filter.



What are the classic mistakes caused by poor lighting?

The wrong lighting can make it difficult to find the right shade of a color. This often results in the classic "makeup line". Blending eyeshadow and highlighter also becomes more difficult. As a result, you often see harsh transitions between colors.

What’s your biggest makeup fail?

Oh, I could tell a few stories, especially from my early years. One time, I accidentally sprayed a product directly into a cameraman's camera (in my defense, the camera was moving). Needless to say, he wasn't impressed, and neither was the director. Thankfully, that wouldn't happen to me today. You learn from your mistakes.

Do you have a routine to ensure your makeup is perfect?

I meticulously select and apply my makeup products, paying close attention to achieving the perfect tone. Symmetry is important, particularly with eye and lip makeup. I address any natural imperfections. We all have two halves of our faces, which aren't always identical. Standing behind the customer and checking through the mirror is helpful; you can instantly see if any adjustments are needed.

Do you have any expert tips for a speedy emergency makeup routine?

First and foremost, is hydration! Apply light makeup for a radiant glow. Skip the powder – it makes you look tired! A touch of apricot or soft rose on the highest point of the cheeks (apple cheeks) looks healthy and makes you look younger. Apply the blush quickly under the eye bones. Choose 38° mascara (everything stays in place, even with tears and snow). Finish off with lip gloss, and you’re good to go! In just 5 minutes, you’ll instantly appear younger and fresher.

What advice would you give newcomers or experts when it comes to makeup?

The most important thing is to prepare the skin; without a good care routine, no makeup will look beautiful. A good range of brushes can help. You don’t need a lot of brushes, but good quality ones as they absorb the products better and therefore the result is better. Many makeup counters offer help or workshops. Why not spend a nice day with your friend and get some tips?

What is your makeup trend for 2024?

Indeed, one trend for 2024 is brown tones. With almost monochrome makeup, you can play with textures. For instance, a matte skin tone and eyeshadow can be paired with a shiny brown gloss on the lips for contrast. Add apricot on the cheeks for freshness. Alternatively, a slightly shimmering skin tone with matte lips in light brown tones - a great summer look, especially on lightly tanned skin.



What are you looking forward to most at the KITZ-BEAUTY-Club?

I am excited about reconnecting with some familiar guests and the styling team and getting into the great spirit and teamwork that can be felt. These are truly special days with a unique ambiance that spreads.

Which VIP would you like to do makeup for and why

Now, my children would say, "a K-pop idol". Then I could show off to them. But I would be happy if I could powder Mr. Schwarzenegger's nose for once.