Zaragoza, August 5th 2022 – Lighting is a key factor in the day-to-day operation of organizations in all industries. It enables daily activities to take place, creates pleasant environments, provides comfort for staff and customers, allows the configuration of differentiated and adapted spaces, and can be the basis for digitalization through smart solutions and IoT. To showcase its new products and services, TRILUX brought its Living Contrasts Program to Spain on June 14-15, 2022.

Lighting is playing an increasingly important role in organizations. In a well-lit store, products can be attractively presented, which can draw in (more) customers and increase sales. In an office with smart luminaires, which are adapted to the needs of the staff, light can create a pleasant work environment. And the right factory lighting ensures maximum safety and comfort for employees. As a leader in the professional lighting sector,

TRILUX offers tailor-made solutions, which can be adapted to multiple business sectors and every type of workspace. The German company exhibited its latest innovations at the Living Contrasts Program in Alhama de Aragón, which is the location where the production plants of ZALUX and the TRILUX showroom are based.

“We are very pleased to be able to return to in-person work and meet our customers and partners in our Spanish hometown Alhama de Aragón. We want to share our latest products, services and innovations, show them our ZALUX factory, and spend time with them,” said Ignacio Reviriego (Head of Sales and Marketing at TRILUX Lighting).

Attendees at the Living Contrasts Program in Spain learned about TRILUX’ new services and products in key sectors, including retail, logistics and industry, and discovered the benefits of digitalization. TRILUX is heavily engaged in sustainability, circular economy, the environment, and society, and thus these were the focus topics of the event. The attendees were also able to learn about solutions from ZALUX. This company is part of the TRILUX Group and specializes in the development and manufacture of reliable, durable luminaires for extreme conditions, and luminaires for ATEX explosive atmospheres. It was also possible to visit the factories where the luminaires are manufactured, attend various networking sessions during lunch, and enjoy a guided walk through the natural surroundings of the stone monastery, which is one of the natural gems of Aragon.

“Spain is a very important market for TRILUX, which is why it had to be one of the venues for the Living Contrasts Program. We wanted to inform our partners and customers about our new products and services, and the TRILUX Academy, which is now also available in Spain (in Spanish). Training with us can expand their knowledge and they can take advantage of the expertise of our professionals. This enables them to offer a wider range of services. Our goal is to find the best possible solution at a competitive price, always guided by our commitment to people and the planet,” mentioned Joachim Geiger (CSO and CMO of TRILUX).

Alhama de Aragón – a benchmark in security lighting

TRILUX’ headquarters in Spain is located in Zaragoza, while the factories of ZALUX – a TRILUX Group company – are based in Alhama de Aragón. The Living Contrasts Program made a stop at the ZALUX facilities to present their latest developments. Patrick Rüschenbaum (WPL Product Manager at TRILUX) explained the main features of the new TRILUX TUGRA circular luminaire model, highlighting its versatility and adaptability, and presented the new TRILUX industrial LED luminaire portfolio. Jesús Fernández (Product Manager at ZALUX), and Daniel San Bernardino (Head of ATEX Business Development at ZALUX) presented the ATEX luminaires for explosive atmospheres.

The attendees were able to learn more about the ZALUX solutions by visiting three of the company’s factories, where the production of all the luminaires that are exported globally takes place. “ZALUX works to offer the best solutions for extreme environments. Our factories in Alhama are a global benchmark where we produce the solutions requested by our customers, meeting the high standards of quality and sustainability that we adhere to at the TRILUX Group,” said José Antonio López (CEO of ZALUX).

TRILUX – sustainable and tailor-made lighting solutions

Sustainability and innovation are a priority for TRILUX. Helen Loomes (Head of Innovation and the TRILUX Academy) explained: “We are responsible for our products from design to end of life. That is why we are working to build a circular economy where we can reuse and recycle the components of our luminaires, as well as share our knowledge of sustainability within our TRILUX Academy. Our goal is to have a positive impact on the planet and society, both through our products and through our partners.”

In accordance with this goal, TRILUX has analyzed the lighting needs of different sectors, presenting its different solutions and services. In the industrial sector, Iñigo Poza (Director of Major Accounts in Industry) highlighted the importance of sustainability. In this area, lighting is recognized as a keyielement in constructing buildings with a reduced impact, and can contribute to obtaining environmental and social certifications. “The logistics sector has taken a similar direction in Spain, with lighting also being used to implement smart and connected solutions,” according to Rubén Urgel (Director of Major Accounts in Logistics).

“In retail, human centric lighting and digitalization are also key aspects, as formulas are aiming on differentiation, because of the rise of e-commerce,” Ken Utsi (Head of Large Retail Accounts) explained. Arístides Pérez (Business Development Director for Solutions and Services) focused on digitalization, adding that “it is an unstoppable process in which the aim is to regulate and automate functions using management systems and in which lighting is the basis for its implementation.”

Living Contrasts Spain concluded with the national and international managers of TRILUX thanking the attendees and pledging TRILUX’ commitment to continue working to innovate and provide solutions adapted to the needs of companies. “This is the first of many events we hope to organize in the future. TRILUX is fully committed to the Spanish market, and we want to continue moving forward to lead the lighting sector with our smart and sustainable solutions,” concluded Ignacio Reviriego (Sales and Marketing Director of TRILUX Iberia).