Knowledge for lighting experts

TRILUX has created a tool of impressive flexibility and quality: smart multi-lens technology (MLT IQ). Depending on lighting tasks the perfect luminaire can be easily configured from over 20 lenses with varied beam characteristics, which are installed onto four differently sized circuit boards, then integrated into one of the numerous TRILUX models.

Individual lighting design is not only a pivotal factor in ambitious architectural projects. In less complex cases there is no reason to forgo a tailored solution. Appearance aside, a luminaire’s light colour, technology, energy consumption and beam distribution are key factors. Simultaneously, expectations regarding flexibility are constantly growing.

TRILUX has responded to this challenge by developing the multi-lens technology (MLTIQ). Now it is simple to meet customer requirements and cover the various beam characteristics of all P and M lighting classes. And taking into consideration the proportions of street width and mounting height the right solution is swiftly found.

Floodlighting and lighting squares and surfaces in industrial sectors are possible using the new modular, intelligent lens system MLTIQ. Moreover, the idea behind the

technology is impressively simple: Firstly, there are LEDs in two light colours (3,000 K and 4,000 K) that can be flexibly distributed on four differently sized circuit boards.

Secondly, depending on requirements different lenses are selected for street and surface lighting and floodlighting and light distribution set from asymmetric wide via symmetric through to rotationally symmetric wide. Thirdly, the resulting customised MLT lens is integrated into one of the numerous TRILUX series.

Since the lenses can be swivelled in 90 degree steps this further increases flexibility. This versatility means luminaires can be configured to suit almost any outdoor lighting situation. Moreover, the modular structure keeps costs manageable. Finally, MLTIQ technology is also suitable for numerous other options.