During our "Revolution Office - Filling the Void with New Attractiveness" theme day at the TRILUX Academy, we delved into the world of new working environments from all angles. Approximately 70 attendees took advantage of this opportunity to gather comprehensive insights and talk to experts from various disciplines. For those who couldn't join us, we'll summarize the key takeaways in a short series. Let's begin with Omar Rabah, our Application Manager for Office. Using the recently transformed New Work floor in Arnsberg as an example, he explains the main considerations when crafting attractive workspaces.  


Functional flexibility - Space, Rooms, and Lighting 

One of the strengths of TRILUX's new working environment is its adaptability. It offers a suitable space for various activities - team meetings, focused work, or workshops. Furthermore, the entire arrangement can be easily altered, partly due to the inclusion of movable furniture pieces. This adaptability facilitates the use of the space for both internal and external events with clients. Additionally, the lighting can be tailored to match the specific usage, ensuring excellent lighting quality in any situation. 


Employee-Centric Approach 

At TRILUX, our primary focus is on our employees' needs, a principle that was evident in this project. A fundamental requirement from the management team was to actively involve employees in the planning and execution phases. The ultimate aim was to create a workplace where employees feel comfortable and are fully supported in their tasks. This attractive environment is also designed to entice employees from their home-based workspaces back to the office.  


Sustainability - For the Environment, People, and the Economy  

Our New Work floor in Arnsberg also sets a benchmark in environmental conservation and resource efficiency, thanks to a comprehensive energy strategy. State-of-the-art LED lighting luminaires, and our LiveLink lighting management system form the foundation for a exemplary energy balance, superior lighting quality, and reduced electricity costs. Moreover, other elements, such as a ventilation system with heat recovery, align with our sustainability goals. Our commitment to sustainability extends to interior design choices as well.   

Scalability - easily and quickly expandable

Arnsberg is just the begining. As part of this project, we've developed a comprehensive New Work concept with the Arnsberg site as the pilot. We take immense pride in the results. The outcome is a modern, future-proof multispace office that sets new standards in lighting quality, working atmosphere, and sustainability. The best part is that its scalability allows us to effortlessly replicate this concept in other TRILUX spaces and departments with minimal effort. Our motto: New Work for all!