Arnsberg, February 2024 - What must lighting accomplish to meet the requirements of companies, employees and the environment not only today but also in the future? Under the theme "Where there is light, there is life", TRILUX introduces innovative solutions for nearly all professional applications in the lighting market. Joachim Geiger, CSO & CMO of TRILUX, explains, "We translate ecological responsibility and economical sustainability into cutting-edge, user-friendly and secure solutions. Tailored lighting that stands out for its efficiency, quality, intelligence and sustainability is increasingly becoming a crucial building block in making companies competitive and future-proof." The TRILUX innovations will be showcased at Light + Building from March 3 - 8, 2024, Hall 5.1, Stand B30.

Office - holistic office concepts

Whether it's New Work or traditional office environment, lighting now encompasses more than just standards, efficiency and costs. With the rise of home office regulations and the shortage of skilled workers, companies are actively looking for ways to elevate workplaces through redesigned concepts and enhance their appeal with high-quality smart lighting. What has been lacking until now is a lighting solution capable of harmonizing all these requirements.

YONOS – Your Next Office System

YONOS is the universal lighting system for future-oriented high-standard offices. With its modular, connective, and adaptive design, YONOS excels at fulfilling every lighting need in the office environment. At the core of the system lies a robust aluminum profile housing an integrated power supply - the infrastructure channel. This basic element is available in various lengths and offers the flexibility of surface-mounting or suspension, either as a single luminaire or continuous row. L, T and X connectors further enable the creation of intricate and flexible structures.

TRILUX RAIL - Taking the right track in the office

Accentuating and emotive lighting plays a crucial role in shaping hybrid working environments. TRILUX RAIL is the ideal system for achieving this. It serves as an extremely flexible foundation for appealing and adaptable lighting concepts, complete with smart connectivity facilitated by two DALI lines. With flush-mounted inserts and adapters, the RAIL exudes an elegant and minimalist aesthetic comparable to 230V track, typically only found in low-voltage track systems. Various mounting options, a wide range of accessories and a large selection of matching luminaires allow for personalized solutions for office concepts of any design and style.

Industry - challenging terrain

Saving energy, increasing lighting quality and safety, driving digitalization and, of course, keeping all options open for the future - all this and much more are the requirements for future-proof industrial lighting. For more than 30 years, the E-Line has been bringing excellent light to every industrial application. Now, once again, TRILUX has taken the highly successful European-wide continuous line to the next level.

E-Line Pro - a combination of experience and evolution

Under the motto of experience and evolution, TRILUX has developed the E-Line. This continuous-row lighting system has undergone a comprehensive overhaul, leveraging accumulated knowledge to revolutionize the product for the future. A new support profile with continuous current routing enables the integration and flexible positioning of luminaire inserts, function modules, accent spotlights, emergency lighting, sensors and IoT components. Installation has been streamlined and made more intuitive, partly due to new couplings that audibly click into place, signaling a secure mechanical and electrical connection - preventing installation errors and ultimately saving time and money.

Thanks to its high level of flexibility, the E-Line has evolved beyond being exclusively suitable for industrial applications. It offers a total of 21 application-specific optics with different lighting technologies, catering to a wide range of lighting tasks. Additionally, there are accentuating or decorative functional modules such as spotlights tailored for optimum illumination in retail environments. Specifically, for office applications, for the first time a module with an indirect light component, which is integrated flush with the support profile, has been developed. The indirect light brightens the ceilings evenly and creates feel-good lighting and a relaxed working atmosphere. Ultimately, the E-Line Pro is equipped for any application, no matter how demanding.

Outdoor - embracing sustainability, safety and visual comfort

TRILUX outdoor luminaires not only lead in terms of efficiency and quality of light but also excel in sustainability, considering the needs of both people and nature. The selection of suitable luminaires, competent system planning, and an intelligent light management system can effectively minimize light emissions into the habitat of plants and animals. Notably user-friendly, TRILUX enhances safety and visual comfort by minimizing glare with a technology that has so far only been used indoors.

Low Contrast Light (LCL) - maximum visual comfort thanks to backlighting

Maximizing visual comfort and minimizing glare for all road users - with this aim in mind, TRILUX is now bringing Low Contrast Light technology to outdoor applications. Thanks to a unique optic design, the scattered light from the LEDs is not destroyed, but instead directed into a light-emitting plate via a light guide. This "backlighting" reduces the contrasts between the light source and the adjacent surfaces. The result is not only particularly pleasant and glare-free light, LCL reduces light pollution and thus makes an important contribution to nature and the environment. Initially, LCL is available for the Lumantix and ConStela 19 luminaire ranges.