The "Oberkasseler Bridge" outdoor lighting project is characterised by a special feature. The twin-sided refurbishment of the pylon lighting for the oldest Düsseldorf traffic bridge over the River Rhine demanded expertise and sensitivity from the lighting designers. The obsolete low pressure sodium vapour luminaires were replaced by new, energy-saving contemporary lighting. And the Oberkasseler Bridge was just the start: in the coming year the same type of luminaire will equip the Rheinknie and Theodor-Heuss bridges as well.

The aspect of safety was of central importance. The high traffic density across the bridge caused vibrations that in the past led to a higher failure rate for the lighting. This was reason enough for refurbishment of the lighting installation. The new system with amber-coloured LEDs achieves energy savings of 59 watts to 18 watts per light point. Getting noticed at all costs was the main thing to be avoided with this project.

Precise specifications exist to ensure that the cityscape is not completely changed with the new lighting. The new luminaires were designed and implemented according to the example of the obsolete lighting system, and as such the technical transformation is not noticed. Failures are avoided by using maintenance-friendly and mature LED lighting, and this also creates safety and orientation for traffic participants.