LED systems for the SCB Bern training hall

SC Bern have already been Swiss Ice Hockey Champions fourteen times, such sports goals need to be targeted with tenacity and consistency to achieve success. Therefore, the club, which is renowned across Europe, is not really into compromises.

The same approach was taken when it came to equipping their sports and training facilities. An open hand was given to innovation, an attitude that has also been adopted by the lighting specialists TRILUX for many years now.

In 2010, TRILUX upgraded the lighting installation in the PostFinance Arena to the latest state-of-the-art technology, giving 17,000 fans in the stadium and TV viewers at home the best views of action-packed sport on the ice. In terms of technology though, a lot has happened since then.

LEDs have revolutionised the lighting sector – the high energy savings they offer and previously unknown lifespans are incredibly appealing. When installed above ice, the normal service life of at least 50,000 hours is increased to up to 100,000 hours due to good cooling of the LED systems. It was precisely this long-term, fail-safe operation that aroused the curiosity of SC Bern. "We have challenging maintenance conditions in the large hall and at a height of 41 metres we need to use an elevating platform

industrial climber to do re-lamping," explained Rolf Bachmann, Chief Operating Officer (COO) at SC Bern. For this reason a close look was taken at LED technology.

The first step was to re-equip the training hall with digital light for the professionals to gather experience. A test system was installed by TRILUX in the small hall to eliminate glare especially for the goalkeeper. "It certainly convinced us," summed up the ice hockey manager.
The result: the complete ice rink was then equipped with a total of 54 TRILUX Mirona LED luminaires. The compact power packages each have a luminous intensity of 11,000 lumens.

Rolf Bachmann is sure that the LED systems score highly in the disciplines of ecology, operating duration, maintenance, cost savings and lighting comfort. The last point in particular is important for TV broadcasting purposes, where luminous intensity and uniformity of the light are decisive.

Project information

  • Client
    SCB Eishockey AG
    PostFinance Arena - Bern, Switzerland
  • Building
    Training hall in the PostFinance Arena
  • TRILUX series
    Mirona QXS TB LED
    Quantity: 54
    Narrow-wide distribution
    Luminous flux: 11,000 lm
    Connected load: 100 W
    Luminous efficiency of luminaire: 110 lm/W
    Light colour: neutral white
    Colour temperature: 4000 K