Lighting plays a significant role in many fields, but we sometimes forget how important it is in the transport and warehouse services sector. We are proud to tell you how TRILUX gave a new face to Raben Logistics Poland's warehouses in Ruda Slaska, combining lighting functionality with environmental concerns.

Luminous challenges of the warehouse industry

Everyone knows that good lighting is the key to success in the warehouse industry, but TRILUX has taken this to a whole other level. A lighting project for Raben Group in Ruda Slaska was designed to tailor lighting to the specific requirements it had for its new logistics warehouses. It was more than casting light, just like that, on products in a dark warehouse. It was about meeting the most stringent quality requirements for lighting (intelligent lighting management system, ENEC, HACCP, IFS, BRC Global Standard Food certifications) under the storage of products of different nature, including food, non-food, chemical, aerosols and flammable substances. After all, investing in lighting quality also means saving energy.

"The biggest challenge during the implementation of this project, and this took place at the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020, was the delivery of a huge amount, more than 8,300 m.b. of light system in a very short period of time - about 3 weeks, which in the period around Christmas is quite a feat."- Marcin Bonio, Senior Project Manager of TRILUX Poland, describes this challenge as a true test of time and resource management. However, the final results of the work are astonishing. The E-Line trunking system developed by TRILUX perfectly met the customer's expectations.

Lighting Automation with LiveLink

"The decision to automate lighting and use the LiveLink system was driven by our priorities related to safety and comfort, but also environmental impact. Modern solutions not only allow us to increase efficiency, but also help strengthen our leadership position in the market, thus attracting the attention of potential customers and business partners." - points out Michal Wegrzyn, Director of Contract Logistics of Raben Logistics Poland Region.

Thanks to excellent illumination of every part of the hall - from the floor to a height of more than 12 m - work in Raben warehouses in Ruda Slaska takes place in comfortable conditions, with a sense of security. What's more, lighting activated by motion detection has reduced electricity consumption making the warehouse more environmentally friendly. Traditional lighting would not only deprive the Raben Logistics Polska team of working comfort, but would also lead to a significant increase in electricity costs.

Environmentally friendly logistics

"Raben, while focusing on the safety and comfort of its employees, also pays attention to the environmental aspect." Kamil Kasprzyk, Project Manager CEE of TRILUX, talks about the savings that, as part of this realization, were generated - "without the use of motion detection, costs would have been 30% higher, and without light intensity detection - 20% higher. Interestingly, the use of LED luminaires, compared to outdated T5/T8 fluorescent lamps, is already a 50% savings. Combined with the LiveLink light management system, you can even achieve a total savings of 85%."

Thanks to TRILUX lighting solutions, Raben Group's warehouse in Ruda Śląska has become an environmentally friendly place that also provides comfort and safety for its employees. This is an example of how technology can become an ally of business and the planet.