How do you constantly supply 670 REWE stores, approximately 100 local providers, and 220 pickup services in northern Germany every day with a comprehensive array of fresh, sustainable and efficiently sourced goods? The answer - the REWE Central Warehouse North. Spanning approximately 17 football fields and 200 loading ramps, it stands as the logistical hub for the entire northern German region. Every area from frozen and dry storage to the offices, has been equipped with our custom lighting, including over 20 kilometers of our E-Line Next LED light lines. To provide an in depth understanding of the intricacies that brought this successful project to fruition, we’ve captured firsthand accounts for you post-completion. Let the film roll!

Why TRILUX as a lighting partner?

What were the decisive factors contributing to the project's success and, what considerations were important in the selection of luminaires and project management? Detlef Iseken, project developer and sales project manager at the ROMBERG Group, selected TRILUX as the lighting partner. The video shows the reasons behind his strategic choice.


A project with extensive specifications.

What specific criteria did REWE establish for the lighting system? Join Tobias Frey, Lead in Construction Energy Management Logistics and Major Projects at REWE, and Claudia Lüdenbach, Application Manager Industry at TRILUX, as they guide you through an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of this monumental undertaking.