In the centre of Warsaw, among the bustling streets of the city centre, rises a pearl of architecture - the Zamoyski Palace, which is now the residence of the Association of Polish Architects. It is one of the few monuments on the map of the capital city of Poland, that survived the Second World War. The palace, built between 1875 and 1877 according to a design by Leander Marconi, suffered damage on the inside during the war, while the neo-Renaissance shape of the building remained intact and still impresses with its beauty. TRILUX was proud to participate in the restoration of the palace's underground, designing the lighting created for the newly created exhibition space.

The artistry of restoration - underground illuminated once again

Inspiring light is our mission. The lighting project at the SARP headquarters was a challenge for us to work in a historic space, but above all a source of great satisfaction. Thanks to lighting that fulfills several functions, the palace cellars can now be not only a meeting place, but also a place to display works of architecture.

- TRILUX helped us carry out the replacement of the lighting in the basement of the main building of the Zamoyski Palace, which now serves as a gallery. It is a place for project exhibitions and meetings of SARP members. Appropriately selected LED luminaires and the quality of the light they emit created a unique atmosphere in rooms where the sun has no access. An additional advantage is the excellent design of the luminaires, which have become an element of interior design - Agnieszka Kalinowska Soltysik - president of SARP, board member of APA Wojciechowski Architects - says about the new TRILUX realization.

- The lighting in the basement of the Zamoyski Palace was designed to show the exhibitions presented in the gallery in light as close as possible to sunlight, which does not tire the eyes and perfectly reproduces the colours present in the room. That is why the LENTY TRACK projectors and track-mounted linear luminaires with lenticular technology selected for this project are characterised by a high colour rendering index of over 90 and a low level of glare. In addition, LENTY TRACK projectors direct the light directly onto the objects, emphasising their character and bringing out the most beautiful from the shadows - says Tomasz Płuska, TRILUX Architecture Developer Manager, about the details of the project.

The role of light in architecture

At TRILUX, we believe that WHERE there is light, there is life. How does Agnieszka Kalinowska - Sołtysik view light in architecture?

- Light is extremely important in everyone's life; it is responsible for our health and well-being. Architecture that is badly illuminated, instead of stunning, can take on caricatured shapes or even repel us. Appropriate lighting is also a question of our safety, not only in buildings, but also in urban spaces. I think the role of the light architect as a separate profession is still underestimated in Poland, and well-designed lighting in buildings is still rare.

Light Night - garden full of illumination

On 12th of May the SARP 2023 Awards were presented. Our FACIELLA and SONNOS luminaires illuminated the palace garden that evening, creating a unique atmosphere full of magic. The architects who came to the event were greeted by CONSTELA LED - a luminaire dedicated to spaces in the spirit of smart city, presenting its intelligent modules such as the GOBO projector. Huge admiration and thunderous applause for all the nominees and award winners - Polish architecture is doing great!