LED lighting from TRILUX for the Düsseldorf traffic control centre

The expression "screen work" gains a new dimension in the tunnel and traffic control centre at Düsseldorf, Germany. In addition to the monitor wall with 46 screens, employees in the control centre also have up to 13 screens at their individual workstations, meaning that visual requirements are correspondingly high at such operator positions.

TRILUX implemented an individual solution for the purpose consisting of glare-free LED lighting with light control, with light management integrated into a building control system also planned by TRILUX.

Employees in the Düsseldorf control centre monitor traffic in the provincial capital across three shifts, and the job demands concentration, optimum visual conditions and perseverance – it's important that employees don't leave their monitoring stations if possible. "In this project we split the lighting into various control circuits with remote

control, and each workstation has its own circuit," explained Alexander Radukic from the TRILUX Expertise Center in Arnsberg. "This lets the workers set light at their workstations according to individual visual requirements."

Tablet computers are used for control directly at the workstations that can access all control circuits, and touch screens have been additionally installed to the wall. Employees in the control centre are very satisfied with the quality of light and lack of glare, as well as being highly enthusiastic about the light management options.

TRILUX implemented these control requirements with a custom solution, and control of blinds was also integrated in addition to light control. "Our promise to customers is "Simplify Your Light", and that can mean something different with each customer.

Particular emphasis is placed on individual solutions in the area of light management systems," explained TRILUX Managing Director Thomas Kretzer. "To achieve this we combine our highly durable lighting solutions with reliable controls, and component or software failures simply do not occur." Simply tapping with a finger is enough to dim the

light or raise the blinds in the control centre, and users can also call pre-defined light scenes with illuminance levels of 200, 300 or 500 lux. The same situation exists in the conference room with modified pre-settings, and "Beamer", "Lecture", "Session 500 lux" and "Break 100 lux" light scenes were saved.

TRILUX planned, programmed, installed and documented both the lighting solutions and building management technology. The customer gains all products and services from a single source and benefits from having an expert contact partner at all times.