Light can do everything: set the stage for architecture uniquely and create attractive working environments. Or become art itself.
Would you like to see a few examples?

Aiming high

Light art for the DFB

A bespoke piece from our factory in Arnsberg: The eight-meter-high light sculpture stands in the Academy of the German Football Association foyer in Frankfurt am Main. The work of art is reminiscent of a huge bundle of luminous reeds. For the sporting reference, the stems were made from pole vaulting sticks. The translucent reeds are made of satin-finished plastic. Inside, the latest lighting technology with five diffusers provides homogeneous attractive light.

Office revelation


Situated on the outskirts of Bad Wimpfen, Germany, stands a remarkable symbol of forward-thinking work environments. The gently curving terraced building landscape embodies a vision of the future. Spanning an impressive 130,000 square meters, this grand structure serves as the new home for a prominent German food discounter.

Here we provided state-of-the-art lighting throughout the building, from the offices to the meeting areas. Our solutions, such as Finea light channel for cove lighting and decorative luminaires such as Solegra, are part of the futuristic interior design.

Smart circles

VIP lounge of VfL Wolfsburg

The VIP area of VfL Wolfsburg in the Volkswagen Arena has become a state-of-the-art lounge on several levels. Our innovative lighting concept was designed to match

The Finea light channel floats under the acoustic ceiling, and the indirect component of the luminaire has been finished to complement the club's greenery.

Sonnos downlights, among others, are also used. All luminaires are smart and networked to create mood and atmosphere in the VIP area with dynamic light scenes, #goalcheer.

Industrial-Ufo with distinction


An industrial building that does everything differently and better? Here you go: the NEW LOGIC III distribution centre in Tilburg (NL) impresses with an outstanding BREEAM rating and awards such as the "Tekla BIM Benelux Award".

And our lighting is central. Giant light rings hang weightlessly above the multi-story foyer, emphasizing the futuristic architecture. In the 46,000 m2 logistics halls, E-Line Next LED continuous row system guarantees the highest lighting quality and efficiency.

Smart port highlight

Port of Kiel shore power system

The Kiel Shore Power Plant in Germany is an excellent source of climate-neutral electricity for cruise ships and ferries. Its illuminated facade, featuring 12,000 LED points, creates a striking visual display, transforming the building into a massive multimedia screen.

Canadian Parliament 

a great moment pf illumination

The Canadian Parliament convenes within a neo-Gothic architectural ensemble situated in Ottawa. During the renovation of the meeting room and conference rooms in the West Block, one of the objectives was to update the lighting to meet the latest technological standards. The lighting solution needed to encompass exceptional technology to facilitate TV broadcasts and a distinctive design, which was developed by the design office Office for Visual Interaction (OVI), New York.

To accomplish this, luminaires featuring a four-pointed reflector star were seamlessly integrated into the grand plenary hall, while diamond-shaped star luminaires, with diameters reaching up to 2 meters, were employed in other conference rooms.