TRILUX has a network of subsidiaries and partners across Europe, Asia, Australia and the Middle East. In the UK, TRILUX is based in Chelmsford, England. In 2009, Managing Director, Richard Holt decided to create a Living Showroom and equipped the company’s office with the latest TRILUX luminaires. Now visitors can experience the luminaire makers broad product range in practical application.

In 1998, TRILUX’s UK subsidiary moved into a traditional warehouse, with adjoining offices. Located on the outskirts of Chelmsford, Essex, about 45 kilometers northeast of London, the existing space was soon outgrown. Architect Norbert Jansen was brought in to find a solution.

The finished scheme not only doubled the office space, but simultaneously transformed the building into a living showroom that matches the vivid and colourful corporate appearance of the TRILUX Group.

The entrance area is characterised by bright, welcoming colours; whilst its unobtrusive equipment conveys confidence and competence. A large, backlit TRILUX ‘Sun’, behind the reception desk, attracts the eye and welcomes guests. Interlinked by open staircases, the airy open-plan offices are relaxed and inviting. 

“Solvan” luminaires, are vertically sunk into the wall and positioned parallel to the ascending steps forming part of the luminaire exhibition, just as the eight “Varistos”, which were integrated in the ceiling in different depths at the foot of the stairs. During the conversion of the office, special attention was taken to the subject of energy-

efficiency: To achieve this an intelligent lighting control system, which reacts to the presence or absence of employees as well as to daylight, regulates the lighting in the entire building.

Also demonstrated is one of the company’s Human Centric Lighting solution, ActiLume, which changes the luminaires warm white output to cool white depending on the time of day, perfectly matched to the occupants’ biological requirements.

The showcase continues outside of the building; the outdoor area, too, was designed with various new luminaires. Among other things, their light emphasises the traditional, red TRILUX arch above the entrance.

“We don’t need a separate showroom anymore. The optimal lighting we have achieved throughout the entire building demonstrates to customers the level of lighting expertise that TRILUX can deliver for their projects” says Richard Holt “our employees and visitors alike benefit from experiencing the pleasant and appealing working atmosphere generated by our World class luminaires.”