The lighting in retail is fundamental for the presentation of goods and the atmosphere in the shop - and thus makes an important contribution to sales success. You can find out which factors customers value and which possibilities smart lighting networks offer in our short TRILUX Talks on the subject of retail.

Retail trends - staging worlds of experience in retail

From the small boutique to the large supermarket to the car showroom - light is becoming an increasingly important component for an emotional and unique sales experience. But: Customers don't want to be deceived by the lighting. Good retail lighting not only depicts the goods in the store true to life, for example in terms of colours and textures, but at the same time puts them in the best possible light through perfect staging. In addition, the topics of light management and IoT applications are clearly in trend. Manuela Gebhardt, Application Manager Retail at TRILUX, shows the current developments, starting with light quality and light management with flexible light scenes to innovative IoT applications such as people counting or heat mapping, which can be easily and safely implemented using the lighting.

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TRILUX SUN.LIGHT.QUALITY. – Light quality in retail

Is it dark brown. Anthracite? Or black? Outside in the sunlight, of course, everything is clear. But inside? So that the colours also appear authentic in the sales rooms, we have taken sunlight as a reference - and with SUN.LIGHT.QUALITY. defines an extremely high quality standard for our new natural light colours. Because the colour palette of the CRI standard with only eight reference colours was not meaningful enough for us, we also use a significantly more stringent catalogue of requirements with a total of 99 test colours, the TM 30. The result: three brilliant natural light colours (BRILLANT COLOR, EFFICIENT WHITE and BRILLANT FOOD), in which colour rendering and saturation are perfectly adapted to the various product groups and areas of application.

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Light jewels with lens technology - for impressively illuminated aisles

For a long time the product aisles were neglected in terms of lighting technology. It's over now. With our two track spotlights Juno and Juno Twin, we have implemented a completely new lighting concept that perfectly combines design and lighting technology. The newly developed free-form lens is not only a central design element - it also ensures excellently illuminated aisles and a high-quality atmosphere in the shop. Others see it that way too: We won the reddot award 2020 for our light jewel.

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