TRILUX has been the official lighting partner of the soccer club VfL Wolfsburg for 10 years. Now both companies have extended their cooperation until 2025 - and envisaged are looking forward to many new lighting projects in and around the Volkswagen Arena. The aim: smart energy-efficient light that creates perfect visual conditions for top-class sport throughout the stadium area - and exploits all the lighting technology and atmospheric possibilities of lighting in a soccer stadium.

VIP lounges, changing rooms, players' tunnels - since 2012, TRILUX has successively converted the lighting of the Volkswagen Arena to smart, energy-efficient light in many areas. Now both companies have extended the partnership until 2025. " The excellent, cooperative partnership with VfL Wolfsburg is no coincidence - but the result of shared values and goals. We are united by a long tradition,

, strong local and, above all, the consistent pursuit of excellence. We both follow the same strategy: top performance through expertise, passion and teamwork. I am proud of this partnership, in which both sides are committed - and look forward to many more years of exciting activities as the official lighting partner of the "Wolves", explains Joachim Geiger, CSO and CMO of the TRILUX Group.

Quality, efficiency and experience

all a question of light

The list of projects planned is long and ambitious. At the top of the list - also in terms of space - is the conversion of the giant "VOLKSWAGEN ARENA" stadium lettering on the west side of the stadium to LED lighting. The occasion is the twentieth birthday of the arena in December 2022. Also planned for 2022 are the refurbishment of the emergency lighting in the interior and the redesign of the fanshop in the arena.

In addition, many other areas will be modernized by TRILUX in terms of lighting technology by 2025, such as the Mixed and Flash Zone, the Skylounge, the entrances to the arena, the Academy, the VfL Center and much more. In addition to high lighting quality and efficiency, the light in the stadium must also fulfill atmospheric tasks in many areas. The basis for this is provided by smart luminaires that are networked and controlled via lighting management. Already in successful use: When a goal is scored, the lighting in the VIP lounges reacts with a short dynamic "light show" celebration.

Race to zero

zero in sight together

Just like TRILUX, VfL Wolfsburg has set itself high sustainability goals. VfL is the first top European soccer club to support the United Nations' "Race to Zero" campaign with the goal of systematically reducing CO2 emissions to zero. One important component is the conversion of the stadium to smart, energy-efficient and sustainable LED lighting. "When you have already been cooperating so closely with a company for ten years, it is evidence of very reliable and trusting cooperation. We really appreciate that about TRILUX. As the market leader in professional lighting, TRILUX not only stands for outstanding product quality. In our quest for climate neutrality, where we have set ourselves very high measurable targets, it is also very important for us to know that we have the right professionals at our side. That's why we are very pleased to be able to continue planning with this strong partner," says VfL Managing Director Michael Meeske. This means that one result of the collaboration is already certain: no matter how the current Bundesliga season goes - in terms of lighting technology, the “Wolves” will definitely be champions.