Invego LED

the filigree wall luminaire for indoors and outdoors

The challenge

Light in outdoor areas around buildings must do much more than just provide reliable orientation. The design should blend harmoniously into the surroundings – and ideally also harmonise with the luminaires in the interior.

The solution

A real all-rounder: Invego LED is available in a square, round or rectangular design and in various sizes – and can be installed either as a recessed or surface-mounted luminaire. A special feature is the successful combination of light effect and design. The high-quality light and good light distribution guarantee reliable orientation. At the same time the discreet, attractive design cuts an excellent figure not only in outside areas but indoors as well.

Advantages in lighting design

Lighting design flexibility – everything's possible

Invego LED is optionally available as a square, round or rectangular version in several sizes. Invego LED is also flexible when it comes to the mounting method: it can be installed as a recessed or surface-mounted wall luminaire. The luminous flux and light colour can be precisely modified to the local conditions. This makes the product range a versatile all-rounder for outdoor applications around buildings.

Technically optimised – excellent quality of light

One strength of Invego LED: its quality of light. The directional asymmetric light is glare-free thanks to the grooved illumination surface and thus enables quick and reliable orientation. The high colour rendering index ensures natural colours and high visual comfort.

Flat surface-mounting instead of fussy recessing

Thanks to its particularly flat design, Invego LED is also discreet when surface-mounted. It thus offers an attractive alternative to the much more complex installation as a recessed luminaire.

Holistic – light, design and architecture in harmony

The light of Invego LED ensures well-illuminated and atmospheric outdoor areas and enables safe, reliable orientation. At the same time the luminaire enhances the outdoor areas – e.g. buildings, walls and staircases – with its eye-catching design. It also looks attractive in indoor areas such as staircases and stairwells. Ideal conditions then for holistic lighting concepts across building boundaries. 

Benefits during installation

As quick as a flash – for simple refurbishments

Invego LED can be installed as a recessed or surface-mounted luminaire regardless of size and construction design. The surface-mounted luminaire is particularly suited to refurbishment projects and indoor applications thanks to its simple installation.

The wall material doesn't matter – the robust housing

Concrete is welcome: Invego LED has a robust housing that allows the luminaire not only to be installed in classic masonry but also to be installed into concrete. 

The control gear unit – from integrated to separated

For particularly simple installation, the control gear unit was integrated into the luminaire with the two larger versions of Invego LED. The small variants can be connected together to an external control gear unit – this ensures fast installation and saves unnecessary costs.

Advantages in operation

Outstanding light – for all areas around buildings

Sizes, shapes and lighting technology can be customised to individual applications. The intelligent light control via a grooved illumination surface ensures a high level of visual comfort. The result: customised light for reliable orientation.

Attractive – the simply beauty for outdoors

Looks more than good: classic shapes, an elegant anthracite colour and the range-typical grooved illumination surface give the Invego range its unmistakable design. Matching the simple but high-quality design style, the luminaire has no visible screws in the front area.

Unobtrusive – a flat design with a strong appearance

The recessed luminaires nestle discreetly and flush against the wall. The surface-mounted luminaires also stay elegantly in the background due to their especially flat design. The motto: elegant discretion.

Robust – low maintenance, high reliability

Due to its high protection rating (IP65), Invego LED is also protected against water jets from any angle – and thanks to IK08 it performs reliably even if it gets knocked or hit.

Holistic – design across building boundaries

The Invego range of luminaires can be used both indoors and outdoors to achieve holistic lighting concepts with a uniform design that transcend building boundaries. 

Four classic designs

Adaptable: Invego LED is available in four different designs – round, square and rectangular in portrait and landscape format – as well as in different sizes. 

Flexible mounting as a recessed or surface-mounted luminaire

With its intelligent housing concept, Invego LED can be mounted either as a recessed or surface-mounted luminaire. This offers high design flexibility.

A holistic all-rounder

With its wide range of variants, Invego LED is not only suitable for almost all outdoor areas – its attractive design also makes it a suitable candidate for indoor areas such as stairwells. Ideal for holistic lighting concepts.

Discreet elegance

Typical for Invego LED are the simple design language and its timeless elegance. The grooved illumination surface sets attractive light accents and provides the design that is so typical of the product range.

A slender surface-mounted solution for minimum effort

Thanks to its especially slim design, Invego LED also fits discreetly to the wall as a surface-mounted luminaire. The installation complexity is reduced to a minimum – particularly attractive for restorations and retroactive mounting.

Technische Features

Types (sizes) round (small and medium)
square (small and medium)
rectangular in landscape format (medium)
rectangular in portrait format (small)
Mounting methods Wall recessed and wall surface-mounted luminaire
Glare reduction  
Energy efficiency not relevant
Lumen packages 150 – 400 lm
Service life tbd
Colour rendering / colour temperatures CRI > 90
3.000 K, 4.000 K
Connected load 5W to 13W
Light distribution asymmetric
Electrical version 24 V or ET depending on the luminaire
Protection rating / safety class IP65, IK08
Sensor technology none
Control none
Luminaire colour DB703

Invego LED
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