Jovie LED

Flexible, attractive and fit for the future

The challenge

Efficiency and functionality are the focus of lighting system refurbishments or new installations in outdoor areas. There is a demand for luminaires that can be used universally, save energy and reduce maintenance costs as well as score points with an attractive design.

The solution

Be it streets, squares or areas around buildings in industry, office and shop & retail: With Multi Lens Technology (MLTIQ) and Constant Light Output (CLO), Jovie LED ensures optimum visual conditions everywhere – and also gets noticed with its high quality design. Thanks to various component and switching variants, the flexible product range can be perfectly adapted to the individual requirements in the project.

Advantages with lighting design

A versatile outdoor luminaire for urban environments

One luminaire for all requirements: Jovie LED provides lighting designers with a versatile lighting solution in various construction sizes for an extremely wide range of applications. Ideal for e.g. car parks, paths, factory roads, outdoor workplaces and areas around buildings in industry, office, shops & retail, as well as inner-city streets and squares.

Slim design, big impact

Thanks to its modern, slender design, Jovie LED blends harmoniously into almost any environment. The visually floating luminaire body is particularly eye-catching. An attractive option: The cover of the luminaire can be individually designed, e.g. with a pattern structure or logo.

Crisp illumination

Thanks to Multi Lens Technology (MLTIQ), Jovie LED provides perfect illumination even with wide luminaire spacing, thus ensuring ideal visual conditions everywhere, whether in streets and squares, industrial areas or areas around buildings. Constant Light Output (CLO) guarantees constant luminous flux over the complete service life and thus consistently high quality of light.

One luminaire for all requirements

The right lighting solution for different requirements: Jovie LED is available in various options and switching variants. The Smart Lighting Ready variant (SLR) has up to two Zhaga-standardised sockets which can be used to adapt various sensors or a light management system for example. Also ideal for later retrofitting.

The industrial environment in one design language

The complete project can now be planned in one design language. Encompassing the car park, subsidiary roads and now also large open areas - the Jovie Industry can be used as a pole luminaire and also in floodlight mode.

Benefits during installation

Ready to go in a few simple steps

Jovie LED can be mounted as a post-top or bracket-mounted luminaire with separately ordered fixing accessories. Installation is done quickly and easily: thanks to the pre-assembled connection cable it is no longer necessary to open the luminaire. Inclination of the luminaire body can be modified in 5° increments from 0° to 15°.

Individually adaptable

Luminous flux and dimming profiles can be set in the Multi Lumen (ML) version using a user-friendly app. Jovie LED proves that it is already today fit for the future. All electronic components can be exchanged at a later date with low effort.

Advantages in operation

Maximum flexibility - over the entire service life

In the Smart Lighting Ready (SLR) version, Jovie LED has up to two Zhaga-standardised sockets that allow the luminaire to be retrofitted with a light management system and various sensors. In the Multi Lumen (ML) version, the luminaire can also be (re-)programmed quickly and simply with a user-friendly app. This means that the post-top luminaire offers maximum flexibility even after installation, and remains state-of-the-art in the future.

Everything at a glance with digital services

With the "Light Monitoring" and "Energy Monitoring" digital services, the performance data of the post-top luminaire can be captured and read out via the LiveLink Outdoor light management system. In this way, energy consumption and maintenance cycles can be continuously monitored and optimised.

Performative and energy-saving

Constant Light Output (CLO) not only ensures a high quality of light via constant luminous flux over the complete service life, but also reduces the Jovie LED's energy consumption. This saves energy costs, so that the investment costs pay for themselves more quickly.

A versatile product range

A flexible, attractive luminaire family for a wide range of applications

Optimum visual conditions

Customised light thanks to Multi-Lens Technology (MLTIQ)


Versatile due to different switching variants and different sizes

Consistently good

Constant Light Output (CLO) for constant luminous flux in the long run


Smart Lighting Ready variant (SLR) with up to two Zhaga-standardised sockets for light management systems and sensors


Multi-lumen version for maximum flexibility


Customisable cover, e.g. with pattern structure or company logo


The Jovie can also be used as a floodlight to illuminate large industrial areas

Technical features


Lumen packages 1.00 lm - 24.000 lm
Service life 100.000 h L80B10
Colour rendering/colour temperatures 2.200 K / 2.700 K / 3.000 K / 4.000 K
Light distribution asymmetric wide (AB)
asymmetric medium wide (AM)
extremely symmetric wide (SB)
Lens for pedestrian crossings
Electrical version LA (power reduction, self-regulated) / LR (power reduction) / ML (Multi-Lumen) / S (Smart Lighting Ready), DALI dimmable
Protection rating/ safety class IP66 / SKII
Features In the Smart Lighting Ready (S) version:
light management system and sensors can also be adapted, "Light Monitoring" and "Energy Monitoring"
Constant Light Output (CLO)
In the Multi Lumen version (ML): adaptation of luminaire luminous flux and dimming profiles